Top 5 Best Alternatives to Microsoft PowerPoint

Since public availability of Microsoft PowerPoint, it has been, and still is, one of best tools for creating presentations for personal and professional purposes. Besides, in this time, Microsoft PowerPoint has become an industry standard when it comes to creating and publishing slideshow presentations, you have come to the right place. In this post, we will recommend you some PowerPoint alternatives, which are more innovative and productive. Some alternatives of PowerPoint redefine standard of presentations, whereas some others are typical alternatives. However, we will have our glances at both categories through this article.

Here are 5 best Microsoft PowerPoint alternatives for 2015

1. Prezi (Windows, Mac & Web)

As we mentioned earlier, Prezi is a PowerPoint alternative that makes sense if you are looking for a change while you deliver presentations for business or personal purposes. Unlike PowerPoint, this presentation software is based on a zooming interface, which means instead of changing slides, you can zoom into details to know more about particular subtopics. Prezi had its inception in 2009, and Prezi has become popular among professionals in this time span. In addition, one of the most important features of Prezi is its web-based availability.

While you can use dedicated Apps for Windows, Mac and iOS, a web-based Prezi creator, editor and presenter is also available.

Prezis - Alternatives to Microsoft Powerpoint

Unlike PowerPoint and its other alternatives, Prezi is actually cloud-computing-based SaaS! Its dependency on cloud computing ensures multi-platform accessibility and security of presentations you create. For instance, regardless the platform you have used to create presentation, all your presentations will be synchronized with other devices unless you prefer to keep it only in that device. In addition, Prezi allows you to present and edit a particular Prezi (presentation file) along with nine others simultaneously.

Nevertheless, Prezi is a premium SaaS, though there is free trial for 30 days and public user mode. Indeed, Prezi will be awesome for your business/education presentations.

2.  Google Drive Presentation (Web)

We should not miss this free service from Google while looking for alternatives for PowerPoint. Google Drive lets you not only create presentations but also to present them using your web browser. Even though Google Drive is not so good when you look for hundreds of feature, this free service has decent capabilities, such as transitions, to create nice presentations. In addition, just like the case of Prezi, Google Drive offers multi-user editing for presentations, as you can invite friends or colleagues to edit one presentation simultaneously.

Google Drive Presentations - Alternatives to Microsoft Powerpoint

Since Google Drive offers a satisfactory file storage space, Google Drive Presentation is a great way to create, edit and present slideshows for multiple uses. We think this service will be useful when you have to deliver a quick presentation but lack enough tools in your PC. In such situations, if you have a Google account and internet access Google Drive Presentation is a nice alternative of Microsoft PowerPoint.

3. LibreOffice Impress (Windows, Mac & Linux)

As its name says, LibreOffice Impress will be your companion to impress your employer, friends, colleagues or almost anyone through clever use of slideshow presentations. LibreOffice Impress, which is a part of LibreOffice Office Suite comes from The Office Foundation and hence free to use. Unlike both tools we mentioned, LibreOffice is a typical alternative for PowerPoint in terms of both features and design.

LibreOffice Impresss - Alternatives to Microsoft Powerpoint

Impress offers a number of features, such as many templates, transition effects, formatting options etc, and you have to pay nothing. Doesn’t it sound great? It will, we hope, when you know that LibreOffice is the pre-installed office suite of Ubuntu Linux.

You can download LibreOffice office suite from the official website. This is available for Windows, Mac and Linux (well, that is obvious. Isn’t it?)

4. Keynote (Mac)

Anyone with a Mac? Here is your savior to help you create attractive presentations, which a powerful alternative for Microsoft PowerPoint. Keynote comes directly from Apple, and it is a part of Apple’s iWork Office Suite, which Apple launched a few months before along with new version of Mac. Resembling case of PowerPoint, it is slide-based presentation creator, and you can apply transitions and effects as you wish. Keynote allows users have a try on high-quality slideshow presentations through its collection of templates, support for interactive data etc.

Keynotes - Alternatives to Microsoft Powerpoint

Keynote is actually connected with iCloud, Apple’s cloud-based service, which means that all your presentations will be available in all your Mac and iOS devices. In addition to all these, Keynote allows you to save your presentations in such a way that they can be opened using Microsoft PowerPoint as well. Altogether, Keynote seems to be a strong PowerPoint alternative. Keynote comes free with each Mac device running Mac OS X Mavericks.

In other cases, you have to pay $19.99 to get this.

5. Haiku Deck (iOS & Web)

Haiku Deck is a slideshow presentation creator, available for both iPad and can be accessed through Web-based interface. When we do a comparison with aforementioned tools or PowerPoint, Haiku Deck is minimal and its simplicity in user interface is worth noting. You can insert text, images, select the layout, add new slides, add some notes with each slide, export or present the slideshow directly using the web browser screen. These are all about Haiku Deck!

Haiku-Decks - Alternatives to Microsoft Powerpoint

Haiku Deck offers a few options to share your presentation as well. Alternatively, you can keep its visibility restricted. So, we can call Haiku Deck a sort of minimal PowerPoint alternatives. However, this free service is still in its beta version, and we can expect more features soon along with stability.


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We do not want to argue that any of these tools are perfect PowerPoint alternatives, as all these have flaws! Yet, the mentioned software/service will be quite useful when you are not able to access PowerPoint or when you’re looking for a change! Do you know any other PowerPoint alternatives that work? We are waiting for your comments.

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