Apple Watch Series 4 Leaks; Edge to Edge Display, Dense Watch Face, and More

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Yet another Apple leak has made its way out into the wild, once again courtesy of 9to5Mac who have got a hold of a press image for the Apple Watch Series 4 that the Cupertino giant is expected to launch at its event on September 12, press invites for which have already been sent out earlier today.

The leaked image shows off an Apple Watch with some major changes, most importantly, the fact that it has a much bigger, edge to edge display — something that has been rumored for a while — and Apple has reduced the bezels to fit this 15% bigger screen on the Apple Watch Series 4.

There’s also a new watch face with an analog clock and it’s rather information dense. There are 8 complications on the watch face itself, and we’re sure Apple will have designed a bunch of other new watch faces as well (hopefully not another mickey mouse one though).

On the side, we can see that the digital crown has been redesigned from the Series 3, and it has a red ring instead of a big red blotch on what can be safely assumed is the GPS + cellular variant of the Apple Watch. There’s also a new microphone below the crown here, which could be aimed at noise cancellation.

The Apple Watch Series 4 is expected to be launched on September 12, so we’ll know more about it then (or maybe earlier if there are more leaks, in which case we’ll keep you updated).

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