Apple Explains How AirPods Max Saves Battery without Smart Case

apple airpods max battery life

Apple expanded the AirPods portfolio beyond TWS earbuds with the launch of its first over-the-ear headphones called AirPods Max earlier this month. Now, if you have read about or seen hands-on videos for the AirPods Max, you would know two major things. One, it does not have a power button and second, it comes with a weird-looking smart case. And when you factor in these two points, it makes everyone question – how do I turn off AirPods Max and how do I preserve the battery life?

The answer to your first question is very simple. Apple says placing the AirPods Max back into its smart case puts them in an ultra-low mode. So, they are basically off and there’s no hit to the remaining battery life. Now, the next question you may have is — what will happen if I leave the AirPods Max outside the smart case? Will the battery just deplete even though I’m not using the headphones?

Apple has addressed this question on a support page, where it reveals how the low-power and ultra-power mode for the headphones work. If you are not using the AirPods Max and forget to place them back into the smart case, the headphones will “go into a low power mode” after being stationary for 5 minutes.

Apple, however, hasn’t specified the definition of stationary though. Will the AirPods Max go into low power mode when they’re sitting around your neck? I mean, they’re stationary in this case and you aren’t listening to music. I’m not sure that will be the case though.

Plus, “after 72 stationary hours out of the Smart Case, your AirPods Max go into a lower power mode that turns off Bluetooth and Find My to preserve battery charge further,” says the support page. The same happens when the headphones have been placed in the smart case for 18 hours.

So yeah, the headphones do turn off, but after a rather long time due to the lack of a dedicated power button. Apple has decided to prioritize quick pair and convenience over a little extra battery life. What do you think about this move? Let us know your opinion in the comments below.

VIA The Verge
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  • Max says:

    Is it possible to design a magnetic patch where you can conveniently place on the same spot where the case lid touch the ear cup to activate ultra low power mode?

  • Moshiour Rahman says:

    This one is great, I love this airpods

  • Vineet Modi says:

    I guess the problem here is that the case is not protective enough and people will probably have to depend on third party cases, that means they are kind of never switched off. Even if that doesn’t do much to battery, the thought that my 60k headphones are always on is a disturbing one.

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