Best Android, iOS and Desktop Christmas Apps For You

Christmas is right here and you are still lying on your couch? Get up there is so much to do! This is the sentence you might hear quite often from your mom, aunt or even relatives! thetecnica brings you a list of best Christmas apps that could make all your Christmas chores much easier and also brighten you up with amazing new ideas for this Xmas !

1. The Christmas Gift

This app will make sure that you celebrate the holiday season in budget and not overspent and regret later. The app lets you make lists of gifts you are planning to buy along with other options for groceries, decorative etc. You can set your budget and the app will tell you how much money is left from your budget plan and you can easily manage it. This is a paid app for $0.99 only but you also get an additional feature to lock this app so nobody can sneak into your app and discover your secrets!

The Christmas Gift


2. 101 Christmas Cake Ideas:

Yes Ladies, get ready for some awesome cake designs for this Christmas, with this app you get 101 ideas for decorating your cake, no more simple black forest or plain strawberry, here is something truly magical. Stop Googling for new ideas for cake and download this app to get the best designs all in one place.

101 Christmas Cake Ideas


3. Christmas Apex Nova Theme:

Download the Christmas theme from Nova launcher and enjoy this beautiful theme, which will keep the spirits of Christmas alive! The Nova launcher is one of the famous launchers in Android Market and loved by its fans. But after this Christmas theme, Nova launcher has become a favorite of every heart! Download and install it now, its free!

Christmas Apex Nova Theme


4. Christmas Live Wallpaper:

Even this one is for Android users only, as iphone doesn’t support live wallpapers. We haven’t mentioned only one live wallpaper here as there are many in the market and we would suggest just scroll through a few, you will find your favorite live wallpaper there. There are many options like a Christmas tree moving by the flow of the wind, or countdown button along with the Christmas tree, there is even one with lights all around the Christmas tree flashing in and out, which looked beautiful. We recommend the wallpapers who don’t want to install launchers as it becomes hard to customize the phone again according to your needs. This live wallpaper will bring your emotions towards Christmas just perfectly.

Christmas Live Wallpaper


5. Coca Cola Christmas Snow Globe:

This app is from Coca Cola and lets you create your very own crystal globe customize just as you like it. The best part is you get snow fall on your screen when you tilt the phone a bit. This is one beautiful app for this Christmas, make your own beautiful crystal globes and share it with friends and family through various social networking sites.

Coca Cola Christmas Snow Globe


6. Yummy Christmas:

Children wait for Christmas much more than the elders and its just not fair to make it a simple Christmas! With Yummy Christmas app on your phone, you get ideas for a variety of cooking recipes especially for this holiday. The recipes included are so easy to make that your kids can participate with you in making of some delicious yummy food.

Yummy Christmas


7. Super Dance Elf Christmas with Friends:

Lets make the Christmas even funnier by taking pictures of your family members or friends and using it in this app. The app crops the face of the picture and turn it into a funny Christmas elve! You can make videos of the person dancing or takes pictures and share it right into Facebook or anywhere else you want to! Have fun!

Super Dance Elf Christmas with Friends


8. Angry Bird :

Yes, all time favorite game of elders and kids! The angry birds Christmas edition is fun to play, it comes with many new features and new backgrounds. Kill the pigs again, just shoot the very angry birds and make it free from various obstacles! With snowy background and Christmas theme, you couldn’t get enough of it.

Angry Bird


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Those are just a few! Go to the App Stores and download all those amazing apps and make sure to have a safe and prosperous Christmas! Merry Christmas to all thetecnica fans!

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