Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, And Echo Spot Prices Slashed in India; Now Starts at Rs 3,199

Amazon in Talks with Brands to Push Ads Through Echo Smart Speakers

Though Amazon’s Freedom Day sale has just recently come and gone, the e-commerce giant has again discounted the prices of its Alexa-powered Echo smart speakers in India.

Amazon India has slashed the price of its Echo speakers as part of the Independence Day celebrations, just days after the smart speakers were discounted in the massive sale. It’s clear that Amazon is looking to tackle the growing sales of arch-nemesis Google Home.

The company has discounted the price of all of its Echo smart speakers, except for Echo Plus (the tallest one of the bunch and priced at Rs 14,999). You will also receive a free Philips Hue smart Bulb (Rs 1,925) that can be controlled via Alexa.

As you can see in the image below, the smaller Echo Dot has received a flat Rs 1,300 price cut and is now retailing at Rs 3,199 as compared to its Rs 4,499 retail value. This seems like a pretty good deal for Alexa’s plethora of skills.

amazon echo discounts

The Amazon Echo is now available for Rs 7,999 after receiving a huge Rs 2,000 price cut over its Rs 9,999 retail price. The Echo Spot, the smart speaker with a display, has been discounted by Rs 2,600 for a price tag of Rs 10,399. This deal is, however, only limited to Amazon Prime users.

While there is nothing mentioned on Amazon India’s website, we expect it to be a limited period offer instead of a permanent price cut. So, if you’ve been meaning to get a smart speaker for your home, and that too Alexa, then this might be the perfect opportunity to grab one of these smart speakers.

Are you looking forward to welcoming Alexa into your home? Or do you favor the Google Assistant? Let us know in the comments below.

  • Buy the Amazon Echo Dot on Amazon India (Rs 3,199)
  • Buy the Amazon Echo on Amazon India (Rs 7,999)
  • Buy the Amazon Echo Spot on Amazon India (Rs 10,399)
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