Alt News App Now Has a Fact-Check Feature to Fight Fake News

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While social media has helped people connect with their friends and family in much easier ways than ever before, it has also become a primary source of false news and allegations. A lot of fake news is being shared and forwarded mainly through WhatsApp and Facebook in India every day and I’m sure you would be aware of it. To fight these kinds of false allegations, popular fact-checking website Alt News has added a new feature in its Android app.

Alt News now lets you upload an image or video to check if it is factually accurate right from its app’s home screen. All you have to do is tap on the “Request a fact-check” button. Upon clicking it, the app will take you to the screen where you can upload the image or the video and submit it to the Alt News fact-check team.

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If you want to fasten up this process or you’re feeling lazy to open the app every time you find a skeptical image, you have the option to perform fact-check right from your social media app. For example, open WhatsApp and select the image or video you would like to fact-check and press on the Share button. From the list of apps that appears on the Share window, choose Alt News.

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On the screen which appears now, press Next to submit the image or video to the Alt News team. You will get a notification after a while confirming if the uploaded news in the image is legit or not. In case the news in the image you’ve uploaded has already been fact-checked, it will appear below the image/video upload screen.

The app also shows a feed of articles that are fact-checked by an expert team so that you can confidently share the content. If you want to check your previous fact checks done in Alt News, you can do it by tapping on the hamburger menu found on the top-left corner of the app and choosing “My fact-checks”.

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So, what do you think of this new feature by Alt News? Let us know in the comments section below.

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