Alibaba’s Futuristic Hotel Run by Robots Uses Facial Recognition for Check-Ins


Checking-in to hotels at the reception can be one of the boring experiences everyone has to go through while opting for a hotel stay. Well, not in Alibaba’s futuristic Flyzoo hotel. The hotel is completely keyless and cashless, thanks to modern technologies.

Flyzoo hotel is situated in Hangzhou, China. The hotel allows guests to make room reservations and payments right from its mobile app. There is an option for a virtual room tour in the app so that guests can precisely know what to expect from their room before confirming the booking.

You must be wondering how the rooms are secured as it doesn’t make use of a key. Well, Alibaba has incorporated facial recognition technology to enter and exit rooms. Cool, right?

There are 290 rooms in the hotel and it has most of the sophisticated amenities you would expect from a luxurious hotel including a gym. However, the coolest part about the hotel is that the maintenance of the hotel is done by robots. Yes, robots will be serving food if you visit the hotel.

“As smart technology is reshaping industries, the FlyZoo Hotel represents Alibaba’s endeavor to marry hospitality with technology, and ultimately inspire and empower the tourism industry to embrace innovation,” says Andy Wang, CEO of Alibaba Future Hotel.

In case you’re a foreigner who doesn’t have access to the mobile app, you can check in with your passport in the self-service kiosk present in the hotel lobby.

There is a smart speaker called “Tmail Genie” which can be used for performing quick tasks like adjusting the room temperature, controlling the lights and so on. Food orders can also be done with the voice assistant.

So, will you consider visiting this hotel if you ever visit China? Let us know in the comments.

VIA Business Insider
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