Alarms Not Going off on Your Android Phone? The Google Clock App Might Be the Culprit!

google clock alarm bug android phones

If you recently missed your morning meeting because your Android device did not ring the alarm, refrain from blaming your smartphone. It seems like you are not the only one facing this issue, which is related to the Google Clock app. As per several reports, the Google Clock app has a bug that is preventing scheduled alarms from going off on time, or in some cases, not play at all.

According to recent reports, many Android users are currently facing the alarm clock issue on the Google Clock app. Some of them took to Reddit to share the problems, while many users complained about it on Google’s official Issue Tracker forum.

Interestingly, the issue is also not confined to a particular brand of smartphones such as OnePlus or Oppo. Some Google Pixel users have also reportedly faced the Google Clock alarm bug on their devices recently.

Now, what is causing the problem? Well, Google has officially addressed the issue and there’s no issue from Google’s end. Instead, Spotify is to blame for the alarm block bug. Apparently, if you assign an alarm sound from Spotify when you set your alarms on the Google Clock app, the alarm(s) won’t go off. As per the Mountain View giant, “Spotify has acknowledged the issue and are rolling out a fix.”

So, if you do not want this bug to affect your routine, Google recommends not using Spotify songs for alarms in the Clock app. Moreover, the company mentioned that the Clock app will “gain resilience to this sort of issue” in the future.

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  • Andy says:

    I can assure you that Spotify is not the issue. The app isn’t even installed anymore, and I’m still having the issue. Phone’s Android OS has been updated to the latest as well as the Google clocks and timer app, and I’m still faced with the issue of my timers not going off as well as over sleeping. I really like taking naps throughout the day as it improves my mood and motivation however I get frustrated when I oversleep, which also keeps me up at night and affects my overall health as I also end up missing meals.

  • Christian covington says:

    I literally don’t even have Spotify on the device and it still doesn’t work unless I leave the screen on and unlocked otherwise it “forgets” to make noise or send a missed alarm message and just turns off 70% of the time.

  • Johnny G says:

    “Spotify is to blame for the alarm block bug”

    I have two alarms set. One is with Spotify the other is the default alarm and neither has been going off for the past few weeks. I get a “missed alarm” notification, but the alarm never actually went off.
    Face it, the Google alarm clock is bad and Google clearly doesn’t care.

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