[UPDATE] ACT Fibernet Upgrades Users’ Internet Speeds to 300Mbps to Facilitate Remote Work

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In the wake of the spreading Coronavirus in the country, a lot of companies are asking its employees to opt for remote work instead of coming in to work everyday. Now, in a step meant to facilitate work from home for its customers, Indian ISP ACT Fibernet is offering its users a free upgrade to 300Mbps speeds on its fiber broadband for the month of March, 2020.

The company made the announcement via an email which said “We realize that many of our customers are opting for lesser travel and increased work from home due to prevailing Coronavirus situation. […] To strengthen your work from home experience we will be upgrading your home internet speeds to 300Mbps and provided you with unlimited FUP for the month of March 2020 — at no extra cost.”

If you’re an ACT user you can avail the offer by launching the ACT Fibernet app on your smartphone, and tapping on the banner that shows up in the app. You will receive a confirmation that your internet speeds have been upgraded and that you have an unlimited FUP for the month of March 2020.

It’s nice to see internet providers taking steps to help users continue working from home with faster internet speeds and no data caps, and hopefully, more companies will follow in the footsteps of ACT soon.

Update 1 (01/04/2020 12:06 pm)

ACT Fibernet has decided to extend the 300Mbps speed and unlimited FUP benefits to its subscribers for another month, i.e. until 30th April. This is to facilitate remote workers to continue their daily grind without worrying about data caps.

If you had activated the offer back in March, you need not do anything. The extension is applied automatically to your account. You can upgrade your existing plan from the ACT Fibernet app.

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  • Ashutosh Arya says:

    I would like to ask company not to make fake promises , the speed which is coming is download 10. Mbps approx upload 58mbps approx. This is the worst net I have seen.

  • sh says:

    I had before fibrenet connection It worked well for three months i have complained several times to the customer cell but no proper action taken

  • Prashanth says:

    The updated speed is not reflecting for most of the users despite waiting for more than 24 hours after activating the offer. The firm gives a generic reply that the router needs to support the updated speed.

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