5 Coca-Cola Campaigns That Will Bring Happiness to Your Face

5 Coca-Cola Campaigns That Will Bring Happiness to Your Face

Coca Cola has always been very creative with their advertising campaigns, it might be because they go beyond the concept of just promoting their brand instead they use their brand as a medium to bridge the gap between human beings.

Here are 5 campaigns from Coca-Cola that will surely melt your heart, check them out.

Coca-Cola Small World Machines – Bringing India & Pakistan Together

Coca-Cola came up with this campaign in March 2013, It was aimed at bridging the gap between India and Pakistan by providing them a live communication set-up where they see each other, join hands, complete some tasks and get united.

There were two ‘small world machines’ used in this campaign, one was in Lahore and other one was in New Delhi and people from both the places shared some really happy moments.

Coca-Cola Hello Happiness

In this campaign Coca-Cola have managed to give the workers in UAE some extra minutes of happiness by giving them the opportunity to talk to their loved ones. They came up with the idea of  ‘Hello Happiness Phone Booth’ which accepts Coca-Cola bottle caps as currency and one cap equals to 3 minutes of free talk time.

Coca-Cola 2nd Lives

‘2nd Lives’ campaign is aimed at turning a used Coca-Cola bottle in to a range of products which could be used in many different ways. The company have introduced different set of caps for the used bottle and every cap serves a different purpose.

Coca-Cola beginning this campaign by giving away 40,000 caps in Vietnam.

Coca-Cola Friendly Twist

First day of college is always a little awkward, you are new to the surroundings and more importantly, you are new to the people around you, not much to talk about. To make the first day of college interesting, Coca-Cola came up with ‘friendly twist’ campaign, they created special kind of coke bottles which could be opened up with the help of another bottle only, no other way. Open a coke bottle, open a new friendship.

Coca-Cola Happiness Table

Coca-Cola brings a table where everyone can eat together, and famous chef Simone Rugiati serves them delicious food. Eating together with you friends and family without any distraction seems like a thing of past, Coke ran this campaign to help you re-live those moments of togetherness.

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