This YouTuber Makes Minecraft Items IRL, and They’re Adorable

Various different Minecraft art pieces made of wooden cubes
In Short
  • YouTuber Celyn Haf makes cute Minecraft creations of items and mobs using wooden cubes.
  • She first glues the cubes together and then paints them adequate colors.
  • After that, the art piece is done and ready to be displayed.

Are you a creative soul? Do you enjoy playing around with art supplies in your spare time? Do you also happen to love Minecraft? If you answered these questions with a resounding YES, then we’ve got something very special to show you today. YouTube creator Celyn Haf makes unbelievably cute Minecraft creations made of wood IRL, and I’m absolutely in love with them! Once I start watching her YouTube Shorts, I can’t get enough and want these cute wooden creations in my life too!

The Process Behind Making Wooden Minecraft Items

Now, what are Minecraft items, blocks, and Minecraft mobs made of? Pixels, right? Tiny squares that come together to make a coherent image. Well, Celyn mimics that with small wooden cubes. She gathers as many of them as necessary by first counting the pixels of an original Minecraft item. Then, it’s super glue time! Celyn carefully and slowly glues the cubes together, so that the final shape matches the item’s shape.

YouTuber gluing wooden cubes together to mimic pixels of a Minecraft item
Image Courtesy: Celyn Haf/YouTube

Once that’s done, this creative YouTuber makes her cute Minecraft creations come to life with colors. She mixes the paints until the colors correspond with the ones in-game. After that part, Celyn paints the wooden creation diligently, so there are no mistakes.

YouTuber makes her cute Minecraft creations come to life by painting them
Image Courtesy: Celyn Haf/YouTube

And voila! The final product is done, and it looks just so adorable! Admittedly, creating Minecraft items in this way seems fairly simple, but we mustn’t forget that the process requires patience and determination, even for the smallest pieces. Check out the beautiful torchflower plant added to the game in the Minecraft 1.20 update.

YouTuber makes her cute Minecraft creation of a torchflower
Image Courtesy: Celyn Haf/YouTube

So, if you are a person who loves taking time to create cute decorations for your bedroom or office, then trying out this art form may just completely eliminate the distance between you and Minecraft. My personal favorite pieces Celyn has made were the torchflower and diamond sword.

With that said, what was your favorite cute Minecraft creation this YouTuber made? Will you give this creative process a shot? Let us know in the comments below!

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