“You’re the Kind of Customer I’m Happy to Lose”: Bezos, in Response to a Customer’s Email


As the protest against racism continues in the US, many companies are showing banners and notes on their websites in solidarity for the movement. Amazon is one of those companies that is showing a banner on their website. Now, for this step, Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos got a lot of bashing emails from customers of other communities. In one of the responses, Bezos said that he is “happy to lose” customers like these.

The Amazon chief, last week, shared a screenshot of an email that claimed “all lives matter” and not just the black ones. So, showing a banner with the writing “Black lives matter” is offensive, as Amazon serves millions of customers across diverse communities. In response to this mail, Bezos stated that “‘Black Lives Matter’ doesn’t mean other lives don’t matter”. According to him, the banner just shows that he is supporting the ongoing movement against racism and his “stance won’t change”.

Two days after this post, Bezos shared another similar email from someone named Dave. However, this email contained a bunch of slangs and racial slurs.

Dave claims that he was placing an order on Amazon when he discovered Bezos’ statement of support for “Black Lives Matter”. So he canceled the order and stated that his “business relationship with [Bezos’ Amazon] is over”. Bezos did not reply to this email, but he shared his response in his Instagram post.

In the post, he claims that after the previous email, he has been receiving “a number of sickening responses”. According to the Amazon chief, “this sort of hate shouldn’t be allowed to hide in the shadows. It’s important to make it visible”.

And for Dave, Bezos stated, “you’re the kind of customer I’m happy to lose”.


  1. My issue with Amazon taking this stand is that MY money, because I spend at Amazon is supporting something I did not choose. It may or may not speak to the way I would spend my charitable cash.

  2. There is Only 1 God. He created us all. We are all equal. No matter our personal opinions.

  3. As Democratic ran cities riot and burn, Bezos will pander to whomever will give him the most business, he has no more morals than the Democrats that do nothing but provide unsustainable handouts to minorities. How about providing real opportunities to all people instead of making them more dependant on their caretakers? You have to dig deep to uncover the real racism, and it’s not the drivel you see in the media. Democrats never stopped creating slaves of people, they just do it a different way than they did in the 1860’s…

  4. Very saddened to hear you are supporting BLM after the rioting, looting and murders. I have closed my prime account and credit card to protest your support of hate and violence.

  5. It glad that you don’t my losing customers after your choosing BLM over all others, I have closed my prime account and credit card over your hate and violence supporting stance

  6. Not only are you showing support to BLM, you certainly turned your back on every other life that truly matter. So the SELFISH BLM people are only thinking they matter,well I’m truly sick of it all. There’s hundreds of others that matter more,Mother’s, Father’s, Children the ones In A Fight for life. CANCER does not care what Color you’re skin is so when you support BLM that a slap in the face because ALL LIVES MATTER. I know first hand because my husband has cancer, his life matters.

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