xbox series x hardware specs revealed

Microsoft Will Showcase Xbox Series X Games on May 7

xbox series x hardware specs revealed

2020 is the year we are getting new gaming consoles from both Microsoft and Sony, and while news about the PS5 comes in at an annoyingly slow rate, Microsoft is doing a bang-on job showing off the Xbox Series X and generating hype around the console. After revealing the design and the internal specs of the console, the company has now decided to show off some of the games that will be coming to the console.

A tweet made by the Xbox account teases that the company will showcase gameplay footage from next-gen games coming to Xbox Series X on May 7.

As the tweet states, the company will be showcasing gameplay from games developed by its ‘global developer partners’ — that means third party studios. Games developed by Xbox Game Studios will likely be shown at a later date, as also hinted by Aaron Greenberg, GM of Xbox Games Marketing at Microsoft. He mentioned in a tweet that “the Xbox Game Studios teams are hard at work on some big summer plans.”

News of the upcoming Xbox showcase comes soon after Ubisoft dropped the first cinematic trailer for the latest addition into the Assassin’s Creed franchise — Valhalla. The company has since confirmed that it will show off the first gameplay footage of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla at Microsoft’s even on May 7.

The Inside Xbox event is scheduled for May 7 at 11AM ET/8AM PT; for all of you in India, that’s May 7 at 8:30PM.

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