Wuthering Waves Jinhsi Build and Kit

In Short
  • Jinhsi is a 5-star Spectro DPS character who uses a Broadblade. Her kit's main priority is her Forte Circuit.
  • Her best main echo is Sentinel Jué, followed by Mourning Aix and her best weapon is Ages of Harvest.
  • The best team for Jinhsi is Jinhsi (main DPS), Yinlin (Sub DPS), and Taoqi (Support).

Jinhsi is the most anticipated Wuthering Waves character in the 1.1 version and she is an an extremely strong Spectro DPS character. Jinhsi is a 5-star Spectro character who uses a Broadblade and with her best echoes, teams, and weapons, she easily becomes the strongest DPS character in the game. If you are planning to pull for Jinhsi in Wuthering Waves, here is how you can best build Jhinsi to deal the most damage possible.

Jinhsi Kit, Rotation & Forte Upgrade Priority

Jinhsi Wuthering Waves Drip Marketing
Image Courtesy: X/Wuthering Waves

Jinhsi is a strong Spectro DPS in Wuthering Waves and her kit scales on her Resonance Skill damage. Let’s take a closer look at Jinhsi’s kit to understand how to play her correctly:

  • Slash of Breaking Dawn (Normal Attack): Performs 4 consecutive basic attacks dealing Spectro damage. Heavy and Mid-Air attacks consume stamina and deal Spectro damage to the target. Her successful Dodge counters also deal Spectro damage.
  • Trailing Lights of Eons (Resonance Skill): Dash forward and perform consecutive strikes, inflicting Spectro damage. After she uses 4 consecutive basic attacks or Intro Skill, the alternate Resonance Skill Overflowing Radiance becomes available if not in Incarnation. The Overflowing Radiance Resonance Skill inflicts Spectro Damage on enemies and send Jinhsi into the incarnation state. This can be cast in mid-air.
  • Purge of Light (Resonance Liberation): Deals massive Spectro damage on enemies. Can be cast mid-air.
  • Luminal Synthesis (Forte Circuit): While in Incarnation, the attack changes to Incarnation version.
    Incarnation Basic Attack: Perform up to 4 consecutive strike and dealing Spectro damage.
    Incarnation Heavy Attack: Deal Spectro damage at the cost of stamina.
    Crescent Divinity Resonance skill: Deals Spectro damage.
    Incarnation Dodge Counter: Deals Spectro damage.
    After doing 4 Incarnation: Basic Attacks, incarnation terminates and Jinhsi gains Ordination Glow. While Jinhsi has Ordination Glow, her Incarnation: Basic attack changes to Incarnation: Heavy attack and her Resonance Skill changes to Illuminous Epiphany.
    Illuminous Epiphany: Sends out a Solar Flare that detonates as Stella Glamour, dealing Spectro Damage after a short delay. When Jinhsi has Incandescence (Forte Circuit bar), she can consume up to 40 Incandescence, each point granting an additional damage multiplier percentage to the Star Glamour. After using this resonance skill. she gains the Unison state, which can be triggered once in 25 seconds.
    Unison: Switching to other characters removes the Unison to trigger her Outro Skill and incoming character’s Intro Skill. Unison is consumed in place of Concerto Energy.
    Incandescence: She can hold up to 40 Incandescence. When Jinhsi is in a party, everyone in that party gains the Eras in Unity state. When characters with Eras in Unity deal damage with an attribute, Jinhsi gains 1 Incandescence. Damage of the same attribute can provide up to 1 Incandescence every 3s.
  • Loong’s Halo (Intro Skill): Deals Spectro damage.
  • Temporal Bender (Outro Skill): Reduces cooldown of Eras in Unity to 1 second, lasting for 20 seconds.
Image Courtesy: Kuro Games

Jinhsi’s kit may look fairly complicated, but it is quite easy to implement with her best build. The main part of her kit is her Forte Circuit, which basically enhances her Basic Attack and Resonance Skill. To play Jinhsi correctly, here is what you need to do:

  • Use her basic attacks four times or intro skill to access the Resonance Skill Overflowing Radiance.
  • Next, use the Overflowing Radiance to enter Incarnation.
  • Now while in Incarnation, use basic attacks four times again to gain the Ordination Glow state.
  • In Ordination Glow, wait for her Forte Circuit to become max and then use the Enhanced Resonance Skill Illuminous Epiphany to deal massive AoE damage to enemies.
  • Swap to your Sub DPS and continue dealing damage.
  • Swap back to Jinhsi and use her Resonance Skill again to enter Incarnation.
  • Repeat the above steps.

Jinhsi’s main damage output is going to be from her enhanced Resonance Skill Illuminous Epiphany, so all you need to do is build up to it. Here is what Jinhsi’s ideal rotation should look like:

  • Intro Skill > Resonance Liberation > Echo Skill > 4 Basic Attacks > Resonance Skill (Incarnation) > 4 Basic Attacks > Resonance Skill (Ordination Glow) > Basic Attacks Until Forte Circuit is full > Resonance Skill (Illuminous Epiphany) > Swap to other characters > Swap Back > Resonance Skill (Incarnation) > repeat from incarnation part.

When it comes to her Forte Skill level-up priority, here is what you need to follow:

  • Forte Circuit > Resonance Skill > Basic Attack > Resonance Liberation > Intro Skill

Jinhsi Resonance Chain

  • Abyssal Ascension (RC1): When she uses Incarnation: Basic Attack or Crescent Divinity, she gains one stack of Herald of Revival (max 4 stacks), lasting for 6 seconds. When casting Illuminous Epiphany, she consumes all stacks of Herald of Revival. Each stack increases the
  • DMG of Resonance Skill “Illuminous Epiphany” by 20%.
  • Chronofrost Repose (RC2): She recovers 50 Incandescence while staying out of combat for more than 4 seconds. This effect can only be triggered every 4 seconds.
  • Celestial Incarnate (RC3): She gains 12 Incandescence and a stack of Immortal’s Descendancy after casting Loong’s Halo. Every stack of Immortal’s Descendancy increases ATK by 25% for up to 2 stacks, lasting for 20 seconds.
  • Benevolent Grace (RC4): Casting Purge of Light or Illuminous Epiphany makes all characters in the party gain a DMG Bonus for all attributes by 20% for 20 seconds.
  • Frostfire Illumination (RC5): Purge of Evil’s damage multiplier is increased by 120%.
  • Comes Spring when Chill Exhausts (R6): Illuminous Epiphany damage multiplier percentage is increased by 45%. The Multiplier Increase brought by Incandescence is additionally increased by 45%.

Jinhsi Best Echoes

Image Courtesy: YouTube/Wuthering Waves
  • Sentinel Jué
  • Mourning Aix
  • Mech Abomination

The best main Echo for Jinhsi is going to be the upcoming Spectro Overlord Echo Sentinel Jué, releasing in version 1.1. The Echo Skill of Jué does very high Spectro damage, while also dealing additional Spectro damage when the equipping Resonator uses their Resonance Skill.

Other than that, the Mourning Aix is also a good alternative Main Echo for Jinhsi as it increases the character’s Spectro damage by 12% and Resonance Liberation Damage by 12% for 15 seconds.

If you are planning to go for the Lingering Tunes set, then you can also use the Mecha Abomination as the main Echo.

Best Sonata Effects for Jinhsi Build in Wuthering Waves

Image Courtesy: In-game Screenshot
  • 5-piece Celestial Light
  • 5-piece Lingering Tunes

The 5-piece Celestial Light is hands down the best Sonata Effect for Jinhsi. It increases Spectro Damage by 10% and an additional 30% is increased for 15 seconds after using Intro Skill. Other than that, you can also use the Lingering Tunes set, which increases the Attack by 30 % and Outro Skill damage by 60%, or go for a 2-piece Celestial and 2-piece Lingering Tunes set.

Best Echo Main and Sub Stats for Jinhsi

Echo CostMain / Sub-Stat
4Crit Rate = Crit Damage / Crit Rate = Crit Damage > Attack % > Resonance Skill% > ER
3Spectro Damage % > ER / Crit Rate = Crit Damage > Attack % > Resonance Skill% > ER
3Spectro Damage % > ER / Crit Rate = Crit Damage > Attack % > Resonance Skill% > ER
1Attack % / Crit Rate = Crit Damage > Attack % > Resonance Skill% > ER
1Attack % / Crit Rate = Crit Damage > Attack % > Resonance Skill% > ER
Jinhsi Main and Sub Stats for his Echoes

When it comes to Jinhsi’s Echo stat priority, add Crit Rate or Crit Damage to her 4 cost Echo, Spectro Damage % or Energy Recharge on her 3 Cost Echoes and Attack % on her 1 cost Echoes. The 4-3-3-1-1 Echo format works best for Jinhsi, allowing her to use the 5-piece Sonata Effects.

For Substats, focus on Crit Rate and Crit Damage, Attack %, and her Resonance Skill %. As Jinhsi scales with Resonance Skill %, this Forte skill sub stat is much more important than her other skill stats for Jinhsi’s best build.

Best Weapons for Jinhsi in WuWa

Image Courtesy: Wuthering Waves X
  • Ages of Harvest (Signature weapon)
  • Verdant Summit
  • Lustrous Razor
  • Dauntless Evernight
  • Autumntrace

Jinhsi has a few good weapon choices being a Broadblade user. The Ages of Harvest is the best weapon for Jinhsi, which is also her signature weapon. It is a Crit Rate weapon, which additionally increases all Attribute damage by 12% and increases Resonance Skill damage by 48% for 2.5 seconds after 4 basic attacks.

Other than her signature weapon, the signature weapons of Jiyan and Calcharo — Verdant Summit and Lustrous Razon, also work great for Jinhsi. Among 4-star options, the Dauntless Evernight and Autumntrace are also good options for Jinhsi.

Best Jinhsi Teams in Wuthering Waves

OrderMain DPSSub DPSSupport
F2PJinhsiSpectro RoverBaizhi
Best Teams for Jinhsi

Jinhsi technically doesn’t have any perfect ally for her team, as her Forte Circuit makes it so the more attributes you have in the team the quicker her Concerto energy (Incandesce) will build up. Still, the best team for Jinhsi at the moment features either Yinlin or Mortefi as Sub DPS and Taoqi, Verina, or Baizhi as healers.

Spectro Rover is also a great option for Jinhsi as you will have their RC6 with version 1.1, making them fully capable as a healer for the team.

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