Reasons why Windows 8 Out-dates Windows 7

If you are one of those who think windows 7 is better than any other operating system Microsoft had ever build then think again. After windows 7 overtook as most selling operating system in PC market and spread its roots around the world, windows 8 from Microsoft has been intelligently designed as operating system taking care of futuristic devices with more touch based inputs. After the dominance of 4 years by windows 7, it seemed that Microsoft could not have done better, the same case when windows Xp was launched. Now windows 8 is here that will make you fan of windows.

There is everything you would expect from a PC and too much that you don’t even expect from Microsoft. Targeting tablet PC market doesn’t mean windows 8 don’t take care of PC users. There is so much to offer everyone a bit of “vow”.

More than any desktop or PC operating system, windows 8 seems to be much more like a hybrid of windows phone 7 interface with windows 7 OS as a parallel companion.

Lets see what can compel you opt for windows 8 on PC

1. Personalization:- Its about making the PC truly yours and that’s what Microsoft has worked a lot. Now you can change the lock-screen and put apps to show status on it.

Whole new option for syncing your app purchases, tasks, calenders, settings between devices. This can be helpful if you opt for multiple devices, if you change in one, same is synced with other.

The tile UI is sleek and informative, the live tiles allow constant updates on the app.

In windows 8 every corner of the screen means something. From recent apps to charm and shortcuts you would love to explore. Now right click the bottom left corner and a few essential shortcuts appear (programs and features, device manager, disk management, task manager etc) simplifying your task.

2. App store and Apps:- What happens in smartphones applies here. Apps simplify our task, whether its checking mails, reading magazines or playing games. Windows 8 has this strength and you will love it. The market place has free and paid apps which you would enjoy a lot.

3. Multitasking the way you want:- Remember why windows was criticized for hanging with multiple windows even though was reduced in windows 7, but now windows 8 has taken it to the next level. Windows snap feature allows you to run 2 apps side by side. Now you can close the app just by dragging the window from top to down.

4. IE 10 intelligent and Smart:- Totally revamped browser with some amazing search and suggestion integration can compete with some of the finest browsers in the world. It does have nice tweaks like left and right side can be clicked as back and forward buttons.

5. Search Engine:- The biggest change apart from UI is search. Now searching is fun, now the search engine can even look for words inside the word document or PowerPoint presentations with opening it, how cool is that.

6. Smooth transitions and friendly messages:- The switching between apps and desktop is smooth. The transitions are cheerful and the apps are sleek while running them. Now its easy to switch between apps by just clicking the left side top corner.

7. Charm of windows charm:- The new feature which displays quick info on time battery percentage and a few options (search, devices, start, share and settings) which gets activated by sliding cursor from top right side downwards is appreciable.

8. Boot speed:- Massive boost to windows, windows start-up has been an issue in almost every laptop. Now its gone start up time has been squeezed to 15 seconds.

9. Task-manager its user friendly:- This has been by far the most user friendly task manager in windows. With just showing open tasks, when expanded can give you every single information from app to app network usage to start-up process impact. Now you can disable or see the impact of any start-up process.

10. Cut copy paste in new style:- Now copying or pasting folders or files, you can pause them in between and graphical representation shows the pattern of the speed of transfer.

11. Integration:- You have the pre-installed bing maps, the bing search , people and messaging app, weather, mail, news, skydrive everything on your start screen what else do you want.

12. Read pdf with reader:- Windows has a default app reader which can open pdf files instantly, no need to download adobe reader. But if you want it, its there in app store.

13. Notifications:- Now no more ugly dialog boxes. Windows has removed that. Now you are greeted by panel on your screen and notifications magically arrive and disappear on top right side of screen.

14. Auto run gimmick removed:- Plug your removable disk and explorer will open instantly, as simple as that, still you can change some preferences.

15. Adding device is simple:- Just go to settings and select devices panel and add a device.

16. Windows update doesn’t mess with you:- Now updates get installed unnoticed, if you want you can change settings and you will be notified only when you log on or open lock screen or go to settings.

17. Still feel slow, refresh windows 8 or re-install:-  This is really nice one, now if you think the PC is not up-to the mark, refresh it without affecting your files, or else you can re-install windows 8 and set to factory state without need of any drive or disk to boot from.


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