What is a Nether Wart in Minecraft

What is Nether Wart in Minecraft? All You Need to Know

Almost every single player is familiar with the overworld biomes of Minecraft. But when it comes to the Nether dimension, their knowledge can get fuzzy, especially when talking about the fungus growing in the game. Most players don’t even know that Minecraft has fungus in its world. And to change that, we are here to explain what is Nether wart in Minecraft and how this unique fungus can help change your world and your crafting recipes. With that, let’s get started.

Nether Wart in Minecraft: Explained (2022)

We have gone over the spawning, mechanics, and uses of Nether wart in different sections. Use the table below to explore these and learn all about this Minecraft fungus.

What is a Nether Wart in Minecraft?

A part of Minecraft plantations, the Nether wart is a type of fungus. It looks similar to real-world mushrooms and has a Nether-style reddish color. But unlike other plants in the game, the Nether wart is completely immune to lava and fire. So, you cannot burn it in any way, but you can destroy Nether Wart with a TNT blast.

Nether Warts in Minecraft

You can easily mine Nether wart with any tool. A fully grown Nether wart drops two to four pieces. But if you break it before that, you only receive a single piece of Nether wart. Moreover, this fungus is essential for brewing some of the most popular potions in Minecraft.

Nether Wart Spawn: How to Get Nether Wart?

The Nether wart only spawns in the Nether dimension, so you need to make a Nether portal to collect this fungus. There, you can find the Nether warts in Minecraft (visit linked guide for detailed instructions) in the following locations:

  • Nether Fortress: Next to staircases in small soul sand gardens
  • Bastion Remnant: In courtyards of Piglin housing areas

In either of these spots, you will find Nether warts growing only on top of soul sand blocks. Note that soul sand blocks are different from soul soil blocks. Not to forget, at times, you can also find Nether warts in chests found in the Nether dimension.

Uses of Nether Wart in Minecraft

You can use Nether Warts in Minecraft for the following purposes:

  • Trading: You can trade Nether Warts with master-level cleric villagers (one of many Minecraft villager jobs) to get emeralds
  • Crafting: The Nether Wart can be used to craft Nether wart blocks and red Nether bricks using a crafting table.
  • Composting: If you put a Nether wart inside a composter, it can raise its level of compost, which can be really helpful.
  • Brewing Potions: Nether wart is, arguably, the most important ingredient to make potions in Minecraft. Without it, you can’t brew an awkward potion, a base potion for stronger potions, without this ingredient.

How to Plant and Grow Nether Warts

As mentioned earlier, Nether warts only spawn on top of soul sand blocks. Thus, if you want to plant and farm them, you need to do it on soul sand blocks. This mechanic is similar to growing other crops in Minecraft. The good part here is that you can grow Nether warts in any dimension within Minecraft. So, you need to grab a bunch of soul sand blocks, place them in the overworld, and then use them to grow Nether warts (see picture below).

Nether Warts in Overworld

When planted, the fungus goes through four growth stages before being fully grown. This process can take anywhere between 10 to 15 real-world minutes. Moreover, since bone meal doesn’t work on this, there is no natural way to speed up the growth process. Though, you can increase Minecraft’s tick speed to speed up the process with commands.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Nether wart need water to grow?

Nether wart doesn’t need water or sunlight to grow. It only requires time in terms of Minecraft ticks to fully grow and be ready for use in potions.

Does lava speed up Nether wart?

Just like water, lava doesn’t affect the Nether wart’s growth. Also, lava does not burn Nether wart.

Why can’t I find Nether wart in Minecraft?

Unlike other crops, Nether warts only spawn within specific Nether structures. So, you will first have to find these structures before looking for Nether warts.

Get and Plant Nether Wart in Minecraft

With that, you are now ready to collect, use, and farm Nether warts in Minecraft. But that’s not the only rare resource that generates in the Nether dimension. If you want a real challenge, you should try getting Netherite in Minecraft. It is the strongest metal in the game, and you can use it to upgrade your tools in the best way possible. Though, that’s something we can explore later. For now, how do you plan on using Nether wart in Minecraft? Tell us in the comment section below.

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