Twitter May Be Working on a Subscription Platform

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Twitter is apparently working on a new subscription platform. That’s according to a new job listing, which revealed a few specifics about the nature of the subscription. Going by the listing, Twitter has codenamed the project “Gryphon”. The company is building a subscription service that can be reused by other teams, calling it a “first” for Twitter.

“Gryphon is a team of web engineers who are closely collaborating with the Payments team and the team. We are looking for a full-stack engineer to lead the Payment and Subscription client work, someone who values collaboration as much as we do and can act as a bridge for the engineering team,” reads the job listing.

Right after this job listing got media attention, the company edited the job listing to remove all mentions of its internal team, subscription, and Gryphon. The altered description read – Twitter is looking for an Android engineer to work with a “bevy of backend engineering teams to build components that allow for experimentation to deliver the best experience possible to all of our users.

However, Twitter eventually restored the details. The updated listing mentions about Gryphon and the subscription service, just like how it was initially. It will be interesting to see what Twitter has planned behind the scenes.

It is possible that the company might be working to implement this as a way to monetize its userbase for access to premium content. Unfortunately, it remains unclear how this will work. Hence, we will have to wait until Twitter makes its so-called subscription platform public.

VIA The Verge
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  • Yasar says:

    I’d say this will reduce users. Facebook,Twitter,Instagram,Snapchat are free to use, which is why millions of people around the world use these. Setting up an subscription might affect them from using it.

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