TikTok Launches Donation Stickers to Help Raise Funds For COVID-19 Relief

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TikTok on Monday announced the launch of a new in-app feature that it says will offer creators a way to raise funds within their videos and livestreams for people and communities gravely impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. Called ‘Donation Stickers‘, the interactive buttons can be embedded directly in videos and TikTok livestreams, just like other creative effects in TikTok.

Explaining how the new feature will work for end-users, TikTok said: “When a user taps on the Donation Sticker, they will be guided to a pop-up window where they can quickly and easily submit a donation without having to leave the app”. Donations are enabled by a secure charitable fundraising platform called Tiltify whose CEO says it was created specifically to provide a ‘simple but engaging’ way for charities to raise money via social media.

To add a Donation Sticker, creators will have to tap on the ‘COVID-19’ option on the editing page, choose the organization and place the sticker on a video before posting it. The hashtag #doubleyourimpact will automatically be added to videos and TikTok LIVE streams that use the stickers.

The launch partners for Donation Stickers include organizations that support folks who have been deeply impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, either medically or economically. The company also said that it will match up to $10 million in user donations made through the Donation Stickers until May 27. In addition, TikTok also announced a $4 million donation from its $250 million Community Relief Fund to two organizations – No Kid Hungry and Meals on Wheels – to provide food to kids and families in need.

SOURCE TikTok Newsroom
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