The New Job Search

One of the most important skills an individual can possess today is the ability to search for and find a job in the ever-changing world in which we live in. Things have changed greatly over the past 20 years, and as with everything else, technology has made job searching very different. It is your ability to present your talents and skills online that will determine how employable you are to many companies. Searching for a job these days does not have to be scary or intimidating – you just have to be flexible and willing to adapt to the demands of a new system.

Get a Great Resume

This is one aspect of the job search that hasn’t changed, because a document that highlights your talents and skills is always going to be an invaluable piece of your employment puzzle. What has changed is the manner in which this document is presented to potential employers. Traditionally, a resume involved a well printed document with your skills, talents and education. Most were printed professionally on heavy paper and looked and felt nice. Today, your resume will be sent electronically, and often times, it will never be printed on a piece of paper. The advantage of this type of document is that you can easily customize it to give the best presentation for every job that you are interested in.

Online job sites

Along with a great resume, it’s also important to know how to build connections through a site like LinkedIn, which allows you to present your talents and values to the world in a more vibrant way. This site also allows you to join groups and connect with like-minded individuals who may offer leads to your next job.

Once you have your resume updated and ready to send out, then it’s time to find an employment website or an online classified site. There are hundreds of potential sites; some will offer more exposure for a price, but most legitimate sites will allow you to apply for all the jobs you want at no fee.

These sites provide a unique and powerful forum to market yourself in or search for jobs that never existed before. Having the skill and attitude to use this to your advantage is vital to your success in the job search.

Get Help If You Need It

Be smart enough to ask for help when you need it. If you are lacking in technical skills, there is almost always someone you know who has more of an understanding of these things. Whether it is writing out your job skills and talents or learning to use online job sites, having someone with some knowledge on your side can be invaluable.

Matching you to your future employer

With the advances in technology over that past five years, most powerful job sites are going to use an Applicant tracking system to help connect the highly talented applicants they have with the most appropriate employers quickly and easily. This means that employers will be able to connect with potential employees through social media apps on their smart phones. The more opportunities you have to present yourself and your skills, the better chance you are going to find the job you are looking for.

Don’t Be Intimidated

The process can be overwhelming today if you are not prepared for what is out there. If you are an older person, there is nothing but your attitude and willingness, separating you from experiencing the benefits of modern technology. It doesn’t have to be intimidating, just tackle each piece of the puzzle one at a time and you can overcome it.

It is also important for everyone today to continually be prepared for a potential job search. Build and maintain a working LinkedIn profile, connecting with all of the people that you possibly can. Building these networks can make finding your next job easy to do and allow you to keep the times where you are without employment to a minimum.

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