Will There Be The Bear Season 4?

In Short
  • The Bear seasons three and four were reportedly filmed back-to-back earlier this year, according to a number of sources, including Variety and Deadline.
  • We are positive that season 4 will premiere after seeing the cliffhanger finale of season 3 and the "To Be Continued" card at the conclusion.
  • We can expect that season 4 of The Bear will air in June 2025 based on the release schedules of the previous seasons.

Hulu is currently hosting all ten episodes of The Bear’s season three. But if you have already binge-watched the entire season, you have to be wondering if The Bear will have a fourth season. Find out all about The Bear Season 4 here.

The Bear Season 4: What We Know

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Earlier this year, numerous sources, including Variety and Deadline reported that The Bear seasons 3 and 4 were filmed simultaneously. Furthermore, upon witnessing the cliffhanger ending of season 3 and the ‘To Be Continued’ card at the end, we are already 100% sure that season 4 is coming. However, there is no official statement regarding the renewal of season 4 of The Bear from FX yet.

Thus, we can expect an official announcement of season 4 from the production team in the upcoming days. Stay tuned for updates!

The Bear Season 4 Speculative Release Window

Carmy in The Bear
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As you may have observed, The Bear debuted all three seasons in late June, with a year between each season. Based on the same pattern, we can anticipate that season 4 of The Bear will be released around June 2025. However, nothing has been confirmed as of yet.

What to Expect in The Bear Season 4

Will There Be The Bear Season 4?
Image Courtesy: IMDb

Season 3 of The Bear left us with more questions than answers, to be honest. The fate of The Bear restaurant is in the hands of the Chicago Tribune review. Moreover, the relationship between Carmy and Claire wasn’t explored properly in this season. This season also put Sydney in a tricky situation where she has to choose either her current role or go with Ever Restaurant’s CDC’s plans.

At the moment, we can expect season 4 to slowly unravel all the unanswered aspects of a few of the many stories I mentioned above. We are looking forward to the announcements from FX shortly, therefore, stay tuned for more updates about the new season by bookmarking this page.

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