The Bear Season 3 Ending Explained

In Short
  • The Bear's third season concluded on yet another cliffhanger where a glimpse of the restaurant's review and Sydney's future was shown.
  • A Google alert for The Bear's restaurant review from the Chicago Tribune was followed by a hasty of positive remarks flashed on the screen.
  • Although it looks like the restaurant received a positive review at the moment, it appears that Carmy was not happy with it.

Captivating modern TV shows like The Boys and House of the Dragon returned in June. Moreover, the Emmy-winning television series The Bear returned with a third season. The third season’s episodes were all released earlier today (where to watch). If you are perplexed by the show’s yet another cliffhanger ending, find out how the events transpired in season 3’s ending.

Spoilers Warning: This article includes heavy spoilers about the story and characters of The Bear. Therefore, make sure to watch all the three seasons of the show beforehand in order to avoid ruining your intended experience.

What Happened in the Finale of The Bear’s Season 3?

Carmen in The Bear
Image Courtesy: The Bear by FX (X/@TheBearFX)

Season 3 of The Bear might just have been the calmest one we will ever get. It is evident that the creators highly prioritized delving deep into exploring each character’s arcs this season. Season 3 wrapped up with episode 10 titled ‘Forever’ where Carmy, Sydney, and Ritchie head to the famous Ever Restaurant’s funeral party before its closure.

As all the renowned chefs gathered together under the Ever Restaurant’s final service, Carmen had to cross paths with his former NYC Head Chef, David Fields. Carmy confronted him about how David’s way of teaching back then ended up giving him mental health issues.

However, David simply ruled that all out by saying he should be thankful for his barbarous teachings transforming him into an excellent chef who is confident and can lead people. Whilst, this was going on Sydney was still in a dilemma about whether to continue her journey at The Bear or take up the new offer from the Chef de Cuisine OF Ever Restaurant.

Did The Bear Restaurant Get a Positive Review

Jeremy Allen White in The Bear
Image Courtesy: IMDb

Throughout this season, it was highlighted that Carmy and crew’s restaurant would be receiving their review later on. Thus, as expected, in the final moments of episode 10, Carmen checks his phone where we can see Cicero aka Uncle Jimmy, and his pal Computer called him several times about the review. But what’s more important is that we can see a Google alert notification for Chicago Tribune’s Restaurant Review for The Bear.

Then we can see a burst of positive comments flashing on the screen, however, it looks like Carmy wasn’t satisfied with it as he swore loudly. The creators were certain to bring an ambiguous and cliffhanger ending yet again as we can also see Sydney getting a panic attack (possibly) as she gets overwhelmed in the end.

We were left with more questions than answers in season 3 and I believe this season is a foundation for the storm that’s about to come in season 4. That said, what do you think about the ending of The Bear season 3? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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