How Did Mikey Die in The Bear? Answered

In Short
  • In The Bear Season 3, fans have finally learned the complete truth about how Carmy's brother, Mikey, took his own life.
  • It was revealed that Mikey, aka Michael Berzatto, shot himself in the head on the State Street Bridge in Chicago.
  • The series previously revealed Michael was severely depressed and addicted to painkillers due to the burden of his responsibilities and personal hardships.

In The Bear series on FX, Carmy’s older brother, Michael Berzatto, was well-known as Mikey. The show’s pivotal event was Mikey’s death, which permanently altered his family’s life. Mikey’s passing was briefly revisited in season 3 of The Bear, which makes the fans curious about — “How did Mikey die in The Bear?” Uncover the reason for the terrible demise of one of our favorite characters here.

Spoilers Warning: This article includes heavy spoilers about the story and characters of The Bear. Therefore, make sure to watch all the three seasons of the show beforehand in order to avoid ruining your intended experience.

How Did Carmy’s Brother, Mikey, Die in The Bear?

Mikey in the Bear
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Michael Berzatto, the owner of The Original Beef of Chicagoland, was a man who was full of personality. He was greatly loved by his family and friends, yet it didn’t stop him from ultimately ending his own life. Mikey’s life was only shown through brief flashbacks until Season 2, and now, The Bear Season 3 gives us a complete picture of how Mikey took his own life.

It was revealed in the series that Mikey (played by Jon Bernthal) committed suicide by shooting himself in the head on the State Street Bridge in Chicago. Mikey’s death was the turning point in Carmy’s life, leading our protagonist (played by Jeremy Allen White) to take over his brother’s restaurant. The aftermath of Mikey’s passing and his funeral was succinctly shown in season 3’s first episode.

Why Did Mikey Kill Himself in The Bear Series?

Mikey and Carmen in the Bear
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During the first season, we were left to wonder and speculate about the reason behind Mikey’s death in the series. Even his close and loved ones couldn’t understand why a joyful and lively human chose to quit his life. Later on in the series, especially in episode 6 titled “Fishes” of season 2, we get to see the inner turmoil of Mikey, which he didn’t reveal to anyone.

Michael suffered from serious depression and had a strong painkiller addiction. If you don’t remember, he was seen as the primary provider of the Berzatto family. The weight of his familial responsibilities and personal struggles started to pull him down the rabbit hole, which eventually led him to take his own life in the series.

His death left a profound impact on everyone who was around him and greatly raised awareness about mental health. We hope we were able to answer your questions about Mikey’s death in The Bear series. That said, let us know your thoughts about his characters in the comments below.

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