Telegram Gets Chat Export Tool, Passport Improvements, Notification Exceptions And More

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Encrypted chat app, Telegram, has got a number of new features as part of its latest update, which bumps up its version number to v4.9.1 on mobile and v1.3.13 on Windows. The update brings a large number of improvements, including improved security, the ability to export chat data, exceptions in notifications and more.

Export Chat Data

First up, users can now easily backup and export all chat data, including messages, images and other multimedia content onto another storage device (like their computer, for instance), with just a few taps. The feature is available with Telegram Desktop that’s available for download on the official Microsoft Store.

Telegram Gets Chat Export Tool, Passport Improvements, Notification Exceptions And More

Once the program is installed on the computer, the new feature can be accessed via Settings > Export Telegram Data. Users can either choose to export the entire chat history, or particular files and messages individually. According to Telegram, the exported data can be store in either JSON-format or as a standard HTML file for offline access.

Exceptions in Notifications

Another interesting new feature is ‘Exceptions’ which allows for more flexibility in managing message notifications. The feature is a notification-management tool that allows users to easily block notifications for messages from contacts who often send spam and other annoying messages.

Improved Passport Feature

Introduced late last month as a tool that manages an user’s interaction with third party apps, the new update promises enhanced privacy and better data protection. A number of projects have already integrated the service, including Cryptopay, Sum and Substance, ICOadmin, Minnexcoin and more .

With the latest update, the service will now support names in original languages and additional types of documents. The company also claims to have strengthened its algorithms that encrypt Passport data to better protect users from hackers and cyber-criminals.

Source Code and APIs

Being an open-source project, the source code of Telegram is available on GitHub. The company says that the latest changes already reflect on the repo, and is open for everyone to review. Interested developers and cyber-security analysts can check out the code for every single platform by clicking on this link.

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