Telegram Adds New ‘Discussion Button’ to Channels

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Instant messaging app Telegram on Wednesday said it has introduced a Discussion Button in a bid to let users access a separate group chat extension even on chat restricted channels. The new feature allows admins to provide a whole new chat section associated to the specific channel, Telegram said.

Usually, it has been observed that official channels created by companies, or organisations are the chat restricted ones where only the admins have the right to post the latest updates and company related news.

No other participants in the channels can actively write, or post some information from their side. In such cases, if a specific person would like to add his opinion on a particular ongoing topic running on the platform, they now have a way to initiate a discussion on a separate extended group chat attached to the channel.

All the messages automatically get re-posted in this chat group once one sends a message to the main channel. The concerned authorities can also pick up feedback and queries coming from their users posting on the group chat, and can act accordingly.

This feature additionally allows the participants to interact among themselves, which creates an active buzz around the latest updates provided by the company, and helps to generate pro-active conversations around it, Telegram said.

To create a Discussion Chat Group attached to a chat restricted channel admin needs to click on the top right corner button of a channel, tap on “Manage Channel”, select “Discussion” followed by a button named as “Add a Group”, tap on “Create a Group”, and insert desirable “Name” for the associated group chat forum.

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