I am trying hard to get out of ‘writer’s block’ , So forgive me If  the article is not up to the expectations.

This post is exclusively for people working online all timeThis post is for people who work online all day, It becomes difficult for them to concentrate on stuff that matters because distractions for them are only ‘a new tab’ away.

I don’t know how most people work but when I write a post for my blog I keep all my social media profiles, email account and reference links open in other tabs and as a result I get distracted many times hence I end up with either a incomplete write up or no write up at all.

I wasn’t worried about all this until last week when a friend of mine asked me how many hours do you work? This question proved to be a difficult one for me because i don’t really know how many hours i work. Though, I sit in front of computer for at-least 3 hours everyday but out of all that time, how many hours do i really work? I have no idea, because all my Internet activities (working, tweeting, replying emails, etc) are simultaneously happening.

It’s high time for me to get organised and you as well, If you also work the same way as i do.

I have got few points which I am going to raise in this post, which might help in getting better productivity at work and If you have something to add, Feel free to share in the comments,

1.  Do One Thing At A Time, Focus

Do one thing at a time, FocusThe moment I come online, first thing i do is opening my favorite social Media website, which in my case is Quora and than i go through other social media profiles , check emails and finally i come to the business.

I guess everyone follows the exact same order and there is nothing wrong with that too but keep checking Tweets, Facebook and emails simultaneously while working hampers the efficiency a lot. If you don’t believe me read this,

Recently, A guy named Maneesh Sethi hired a girl from craigslist to slap him every-time he got on Facebook while working and this worked well for him, his productivity went from 35-40% to 98%. Read his entire blog post here.

Don’t keep checking what your friends are doing while working, your friends can wait but work can’t.

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2.  Set A Time Limit

Set a time limit for all your online activitiesI never really cared how much time it takes for me to write a post, may be because i am writing for my own blog but this is wrong and should not happen. You must know how much work you can do in a given amount of time because there’s a beautiful quote which goes like this, “Time is Money”. So, Use Your Time Wisely.

Here’s an example,a simple analogy,

It is always observed in students that their studying capacity increases exponentially a day before exam because there is a given amount of time and the student have to finish the syllabus in that time only, If he/she has to pass. Same applies to People working online, If they set up a time limit and follow it strictly, It can do wonders to them. Both productivity and quality of the work will improve.

3.  Prioritize Your Work

Set priorities for your workNow that you have only work related websites open in your browser and you have also set up a time limit, here comes the most important part, Prioritizing the work, What is to be done first and what after that and so on.

Though, Priorities completely depends upon the the type of work you are in but It is always better to plan before you start working, Start with short term plans and than move on to long term plans.

For my kinda work, Prioritizing is very important because blogging is about doing several things simultaneously, It is not just writing posts, It is much more than that, believe me.  And If I don’t prioritize my activities, I may end up with a lot of work undone

For getting best work done in minimum possible time, Planning and Prioritizing activities are very important. They always lead to a better result than unplanned activities.

I hope you find this post useful. If you have something valuable to add, Do share in comments below the post.

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  1. How do you focus on the task at hand with the distraction of social media and influx of online information?…

    I just wrote a post for people working online all day, It becomes difficult for them to concentrate on stuff that matters because distractions for them are only ‘a new tab’ away. Here’s what to do to concentrate on Stuff that matters, http://thetecn