These Trendy “Stoggles” Are Designed to Block Your Fingers From Touching Your Eyes

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After the inception of the Novel Coronavirus, we have seen different kinds of face masks pop up in the market. We have seen some high tech masks like the “Leaf” self-sterilizing face mask and the fancy mask with an LED screen. However, these masks cover our mouths and noses, but what about our eyes? This is the question that led to the creation of “Stoggles”.

“Stogles” are a pair of eyewear that looks stylish and protects your eyes from your “germy fingers”. Developed by an LA-based startup, Stoggles Eyewear, the trendy wearables are will literally block your fingers from touching your eyes.

According to the team, we inadvertently touch our eyes at least 100 times a day. So, apart from covering our mouths and noses with the hundreds of face masks available in the market, protecting our eyes should be a priority, especially at this time.

Now, the “Stoggles” look like your regular pair of spectacles with some cool colors and a trendy look. However, there are specially-designed shields on the sides and top of the frames that will prevent your fingers to reach your eyes. Also, the shields are made from the same material as the lenses and are transparent to provide an unhindered FOV for the user.

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The team came up with the idea after they saw that with traditional spectacles, one can easily slide their fingers inside from the sides of the frame.

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Although swimming goggles have the “finger-blocking shield” protection on the sides, they are too bulky. So, the team combined the two concepts to create “Stoggles”.

Apart from the “finger-blocking shields”, “Stoggles” comes with several other features like the “Anti-Fog” coated lenses, blue-light filtering, and impact-resistant design. Users can also get an optional light-responsive lens that goes dark as soon as any UV-lights hit it.

Currently, the company is running an Indiegogo campaign and has already raised $303,794 (~Rs 2,28,02,154). The company says that the manufacturing of the glasses is already underway and they will start to ship the orders from September.

So, if you want a pair of stylish goggles that will protect your eyes as well as make you look trendy, you can get your own pair of “Stoggles” for $29 (~Rs 2176).

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