Spotify Adds a What’s New Feed To Notify Users About New Releases

Spotify's “What’s New” Feed Notifies Users About New Releases

The popular music streaming giant Spotify has been adding new features to its platform to improve the user experience. The latest addition is a new “What’s New” feed that adds a dedicated section to its mobile apps to notify users about new releases from their favorite artists and podcast creators.

The Swedish music streaming giant announced the What’s New feature for its apps via an official blog post. As per Spotify, artists and creators upload over 50,000 hours worth of content every day. So, to help users discover and keep track of new songs, podcasts, and shows on the platform, Spotify has added a dedicated feed.

What’s New Section on Spotify

The new “What’s New” section appears as a bell icon at the top of the Home tab in the app. Tapping this icon takes users to a new section containing new releases from various artists and creators. From there, users will be able to discover new songs, podcasts, and shows from their favorite creators as they upload them on Spotify.

Image Courtesy: Spotify

Users can also go to their favorite artists’ Spotify profiles and follow them to get real-time updates in the What’s New section. As a result, when a followed artist or content creator uploads any new song, podcast, or episode, users will see a blue dot indicator on the bell icon.

Furthermore, there is a filter option inside the What’s New section that enables users to sort different types of content including songs, podcasts, and show episodes easily. This way, they will be able to find what they are looking for more easily than ever.

Coming to the availability of the new feature, the What’s New feature is currently rolling out to Spotify users globally. It will be available on both Spotify for Android as well as Spotify for iOS. It will be rolled out to all users over the coming weeks.

VIA TechCrunch
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  • Ajit says:

    I would love to give it a try, hope it’s better than release radar. I have been using an app called crabhands from playstore which does a great job by adding all the new songs from the singers you follow. It also has the option to auto delete songs after specific weeks.

    • Vijay Choudhary says:

      Nice Marketing streategy Ajit

      • Ajit says:

        I thought 10 times before adding the comment that it would sound like an advertisement over a suggestion. I found on a Reddit forum after strolling for quite some time.

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