Sony Introduces FR7, the World’s First Full-Frame PTZ Camera in India

sony fr7 camera launched

Sony has introduced the new Cinema Line FR7 interchangeable lens camera in India. This comes with the inbuilt pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) functionality, several cinematic features, and more. Here are the details.

Sony FR7: Specs and Features

The Sony ILME-FR7 has a back-illuminated 35mm full-frame CMOS image sensor, which has been combined with a PTZ camera for the first time. It has Sony’s E-Mount lens, which can work with other E-Mount lenses like the G Master series.

With an effective 10.3MP, the camera comes with wide 15+ stop latitude. The pan/tilt/zoom functionality can be remotely managed. The camera is compatible with Sony’s RM-IP500 remote controller. The pan and tilt movements can be varied (from 0.02 degrees per second to 60 degrees per second).

The Sony FR7 can also support up to 100 camera position presets like camera direction, zoom, focus, and more. There’s also support for real-time Eye AF and Tracking. The integrated BIONZ XR engine helps in the detection performance for pinpoint eye focus.

You can get to try various Cinema Line features like a sensitivity setting for the ISO to go up to 409600, the S-Cinetone preset, up to 4K 120p 6 slow-motion, Cine EI mode, and more. The built-in web app can allow control via a computer or a tablet and there’s support for multi-camera monitoring.

The Sony FR7 camera also comes with a built-in electronic variable ND filter, various interfaces for production workflows, and support for CFexpress Type A and SDXC memory cards. Additionally, there’s support for various streaming protocols such as RTSP, SRT, and NDI |HX 10, along with HDMI Type A and 12G-SDI connectors.

Price and Availability

The Sony FR7 will be available to buy, starting January 31 and its price is available on request. If you intend to give your input, you can head over here.

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