Roblox Pull a Sword Codes (May 2024)

Pull a Sword on Roblox is all about building your strength to become a legendary sword-wielder. You’ll train to get super powerful, then pull increasingly difficult swords from stones. Collecting pets and winning battles helps you gain even more strength. However, life is easier in Pull a Sword when you get pets and other boosts for free. Let’s help you do that with our in-depth list of codes below!

Working Codes

These codes are full of free potion boosts to help you pull the sword faster or a lot of different pets. However, codes might expire frequently. We last checked for working codes on May 8, 2024. We suggest you redeem them right away before they run out. You can also bookmark this page to never miss a new code update.

  • THANKYOU3M – strength potion (NEW)
  • AXIOMUPD – mega potion
  • PROFILEUPD – strength potion
  • THEHUNTEVENT – mega potion
  • magiacode485 – mega potion
  • K123456789C – strength potion
  • K123456789B – strength potion
  • K123456789A – strength potion
  • giftfromme1 – strength potion
  • buff2big – mega potion
  • opgiftfromme – pet
  • giftfromme23 – pet
  • buff2big – mega potion
  • K123456789O – strength potion
  • A39B2456BBBC – strength potion
  • A39B2456B1CCCKS – strength potion
  • A29B2456B1 – strength potion
  • A40B2456A2 – strength potion
  • A39B2456B1 – strength potion
  • eventhalloween – strength potion
  • halloweenluck – strength potion
  • halloweenparty2023 – Strength Potion
  • winpotion99995 – pet
  • xFrozenCodeB24 – pet
  • new21potion – strength potion
  • xfrozencodea – pet
  • ghostydog4 – pet
  • PotionCode542 – win potion
  • ytcode24690 – win potion
  • likedog2 – pet
  • newcode48 – win potion
  • likecat – pet
  • code900 – pet
  • code492 – pet
  • twcode1 – pet
  • ytopcode91 – pet
  • RELEASE – pet

How to Redeem Codes

Note: Before you can redeem the codes in the game, you need to follow @xFrozenStudios on X and subscribe @i2Perfect on YouTube. Once done, you are good to go.

Redeeming the codes in the game is as easy as finding the codes in our list. So, once you have followed both the accounts here and here, follow the steps below:

  • Open your Roblox player and launch the Pull a Sword experience.
  • Once in-game, click the Codes button on the right side of your screen.
  • Enter a working code in the Enter Code section and click the Verify button.
  • If the Twitter Codes section does not work, you can try the YouTube Codes section beside it.
  • Twitter section in Pull a Sword
  • Verify code option in Pull a Sword

Expired Codes

Grab all the working codes from above for the guaranteed rewards. Despite some codes going into expiry, some codes still work. It might depend on the account you are using and the developers. So, try your luck by checking the expired codes from below:


These are all the codes for the Roblox Pull a Sword. Before going for the sword-pulling competition, you can try building strength in the Arm Wrestle Simulator. Did we miss a code? Let us know in the comments below!

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