Realme’s First-Ever Smart TV Might Be Unveiled at MWC 2020

Realme TV to be unveiled at MWC 2020

For the longest time, we’ve been hearing that Realme is also going to step foot into the competitive smart TV market. And well, it looks like that day is near. The company has today sort-of confirmed that the first-ever ‘Realme TV’ will be unveiled at MWC 2020 in Barcelona later this month.

In response to a user’s question about the Realme TV on Twitter, Realme India CMO Francis Wang revealed that we can expect to “hear something exciting abt TV on MWC” later this month. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the company will launch the TV at the tech conference, but an unveiling or teaser is definitely in the books.

Realme was set up merely a couple of years ago but has been growing its product lineup, as well as presence, like crazy ever since its debut. It has been chasing its arch-nemesis Xiaomi from the start — launching a smartphone to go up against each of theirs. Realme has also launched its own audio accessories, power bank, and lifestyle products. But, the Chinese giant is now planning to target the lucrative smart TV market and go up against Xiaomi, Vu, LG, and other key players.

Also, if you’re eager to test out the Realme fitness band then there’s some good news for you too. A query about the upcoming fitness band drew a reply from Wang as well, who confirmed that the fitness band is coming ‘even faster’ (read as sooner). This means Realme will most likely hold another event (I say another because it’s holding one on 6th February to launch the Realme C3) in India before MWC 2020.

So, we can expect to get our hands on the Realme fitness band prior to 24th February, which certainly sounds exciting!

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