How to Get PokeCoins in Pokemon GO

In Short
  • There is only one official way to earn PokeCoins in-game for free. If you assign a Pokemon to defend a gym, you can earn 50 Pokecoins a day.
  • Alternatively, if you have money to spend, you can buy 100 Pokecoins for 99 cents and onwards.
  • Furthermore, if you can find yourself a Google Opinion Rewards survey, they provide Play Store rewards as compensation. You can use that amount to buy PokeCoins.

PokeCoins are your go-to currency for anything in Pokemon GO. Whether you want to purchase a GO pass, additional storage, or some items, you can reply on these handy coins. However, new players might find it a bit confusing as to how to get started on getting PokeCoins in Pokemon GO. For all those cases and more, we have compiled a handy guide on the same. So with that, let’s begin!

1. Assign Your Pokemon to a Gym

Pokemon to a gym to earn PokeCoins for free in Pokemon Go

The best way to quickly get PokeCoins in Pokemon GO for free is by assigning your creatures to a gym. For those unaware, gyms in Pokemon GO points of interest on the map where players can battle rival Pokemon. The best way to identify Pokemon GO gyms is by looking for a dome structure with different colors and styles.

Depending on which team you join in Pokemon GO, you can assign a Pokemon to a gym to defend it. Pokemon defending a particular gym get a ‘Defender Bonus.’ This means your Pokemon earns 1 PokeCoin for every 10 minutes they are defending a gym. However, do note that you can only earn a maximum of 50 PokeCoins in a day from this method.

For example, if you assign two Pokemon to two different gyms, they will only generate 50 PokeCoins at the end of the day. However, if you space out your Pokemon assignment on different, you can have a steady flow of PokeCoins. You can assign a total of twenty Pokemon at twenty different gyms. Do try to leave a high defence stat Pokemon in the gym as it will likely last longer.

2. Purchase PokeCoins

Image Courtesy: Niantic/Pokemon GO

Besides playing Pokemons in gyms, there aren’t reliable methods to earn free PokeCoins in Pokemon GO. However, if you can spare a bit of money, you can easily purchase PokeCoins from the in-game shop.Niantic offers PokeCoins for as low as 99 cents for 100 PokeCoins.

You can either buy coins from the game or even the website. Check out all the prices for PokeCoins in Pokemon GO:

PokeCoin AmountPrice
100 PokeCoins$0.99
550 PokeCoins$4.99
1200 PokeCoins$9.99
2500 PokeCoins$19.99
5200 PokeCoins$39.99
14500 PokeCoins$99.99

If you are buying from the website, here are the prices:

PokeCoin AmountPrice
600 PokeCoins$4.99
1300 PokeCoins$9.99
2700 PokeCoins$19.99
5600 PokeCoins$39.99
15500 PokeCoins$99.99

3. Use Google Opinion Rewards

While the above two methods are the most direct ways to get PokeCoins in Pokemon GO, this one is for those who can wait a bit. If you’re keen on getting free PokeCoins, you can choose to download and participate in Google Opinion Rewards Surveys (Download).

All you have to do is download the app, sign up, and leave it in the background. As time passes, you will receive short randomized surveys that you answer for Google Play Balance. Once you rack up enough money, you can use it to purchase PokeCoins in Pokemon GO. However, do note surveys are sometimes rare so be prepared to wait.

This is how you can get PokeCoins in Pokemon GO. Depending on your level of patience, you can try any of these methods to rack up some Poke currency. Outside of these methods, you really can’t get many PokeCoins in-game. That makes sense as this is the monetization system for Niantic.

How has your experience with getting PokeCoins been? Let us know in the comments below!

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