10 Best Free Photo Editing Apps for Windows Phone

Photo editing is no tough job, nowadays. Gone are days when people thought photo editing is all about having damn expertise in Adobe Photoshop. Actually, photo editing has become even simpler in smartphones due to apps, as a few taps are capable of making visual treat of an image delicious. Effect of such apps would be great in Windows phone-based smartphones, as most of them consist of a good camera, especially in case of Nokia Lumia 520 or Nokia 808 Pureview. Therefore, we have come up with list of top photo editing Apps for Windows phone. We are sure that all Windows Phone users will love these apps! Aside from photo editing apps, we have included some of camera applications that offer image-editing feature along with camera.

1. Fotor

Fotor - Photo Editing Apps for Windows Phone

This free application for Windows Phone devices comes from Fotor, a popular site to edit photos online. By means of this application, you can apply a large variety of preset effects, create collages from your gallery and make them look awesome by adding templates from the huge template gallery. Effects are available in different categories, and you may choose the best according to your desire. This application requires your device to run on Windows Phone 8 or Windows Phone 8.1.

Availability: Free on Windows App Store

2. PicsArt

PicsArt -Free Photo Editing Apps for Windows Phone

PicsArt is yet another free Windows Phone application that lets you make your photos look awesome through a few clicks. Formerly, it was available only for Lumia 1020 and 1520 but now it’s available for all devices running Windows Phone 8 or later. PicsArt is not only an excellent photo editor but also a social networking platform, where different photographers across globe will find their peer groups. Particularly, we loved the User Interface of PicsArt, as it does make process of applying effects or creating collage exceptionally easy, especially for newbies.

Availability: Free on Windows App Store

3. PhotoFunia

PhotoFunia - Photo Editing Apps for Windows Phone

This photo editing application for Windows Phone devices is also free and supports Windows Phone 7.5 and versions came later. Unlike other apps, we mentioned before, PhotoFunia is based on web, and therefore you should have an internet connection to apply effects or make any kind of changes to the photograph. Although it is a limitation, it will be surpassed by the extremely huge collection of photo effect presets in PhotoFunia servers. In addition, PhotoFunia has a face recognition feature that makes things even easier.

Availability: Free on Windows App Store

4. SuperPhoto

SuperPhoto - Photo Editing Apps for Windows Phone

This application also requires internet connection to work, but it has a huge collection of effects you can apply to the photos you have taken or Facebook photos. When compared to other apps, effects included in SuperPhoto are a bit more innovative. In addition, SuperPhoto has categorized sections into Combos, Textures, Frames, Patterns, Filters, etc so that you can apply them without messing up. Although there is a huge collection of impressive filters, you can always purchase premium ones.

Availability: Free on Windows App Store

5. Fantasia Painter

Fantasia Painter  - Photo Editing Apps for Windows Phone

Fantasia Painter is a combination of a photo editor and painter application. Using this app, you can apply more than hundred effects to your photos; also, you can use your creative, artistic skills to paint your photographs using variety of brushes available. Fantasia Painter support Windows Phone 7 and later versions, and it is a superb app for adults and kids. Effects available in Fantasia Painter include colorize, vintage, borders, collage, recolor, blur, gentle painter, etc. Ads may be an intrusion in the free app, but you have an option to upgrade to the pro version by paying 100 INR.

Availability: Free on Windows App Store

6. Photo Editor by Aviary

Photo Editor by Aviary - Photo Editing Apps for Windows Phone

Photo Editor by Aviary, a photo-editing application for devices running on Windows Phone 8 comes from Aviary, one of the popular app developers of multiple Smartphone platforms. This free application has different sections such as photo editor, effects, cropping, drawing, stickers, adding text etc. When compared to apps for Android & iOS, Aviary Photo Editor will be a bit poor in terms of features, but it focuses on photo editing. Indeed, it is worth trying.

Availability: Free on Windows App Store

7. PicSketch

PicSketch  - Photo Editing Apps for Windows Phone

As the name says, PicSketch is a sort of limited photo editor, but lets you convert photos into sketches using some of taps. When you have applied an effect on a photograph, you have complete freedom to customize aspects of edit. In that way, you can adjust intensity, contrast, brightness, outlines etc. PicSketch consists of more than fifty methods to sketch your photographs. Once you have made your changes, you can share that image with your friends & followers in a few clicks.

Availability: Free on Windows App Store

8. Sense The Colour

Sense the Colour - Photo Editing Apps for Windows Phone

This free photo editor for Windows Phone is a bit different from aforementioned ones! The app works based on the principle that sensible changes in color of photographs can make them beautiful. This editor will do its job nicely if you want to emphasize some objects or some specific colors in an image you have captured or store in gallery. You’ll be able to alter various aspects of the image such as saturation, lightness, etc through a few taps. You can install this app if you have a device running Windows Phone 7.5 or later versions.

Availability: Free on Windows App Store

9. Phototastic

Phototastic - Photo Editing Apps for Windows Phone

This free Windows Phone application is specifically meant for creating awesome collages using images you have in your gallery. However, the app consists of more than 30 image effects, ability to add stickers, set custom background to frames, etc in a few seconds. If you are a sort of Facebook addict, you can use some custom-made frames in order to create awesome Facebook cover photos. This application is a free one, despite having a pro version with superior features and is worth trying.

Availability: Free on Windows App Store

10. Camera360

Camera360 - Photo Editing Apps for Windows Phone

Camera360 is, as its name suggests, a camera application for Windows Phone, which is accompanied by an excellent photo editor. When both of these combines, Camera360 becomes a sort of blessing for everyone, who would like to take impressive photographs, edit them, and publish them. In-built editor of Camera360 offers a number of effects you can apply on photographs. As a camera app, it has creative compass tool that helps you take awesome photos in no time. It is evident that every photography enthusiast should check out this superb application. You need a device running on Windows Phone 8 or Windows Phone 8.1 to use Camera360.

Availability: Free on Windows App Store


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Well, we know the list is not over, as Windows Phone is very rich in terms of Photo editing apps! So, we are eager to know which app are you using for editing photographs from your Windows phone smartphone.

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