You Can Now Find New Servers with the Official Minecraft Server List

Browse through the official Minecraft Server List

Are you actively looking for a new Minecraft server to play on, but have no idea which one to choose? Would you like to know what a server offers before you join it? Are you a parent and just want your child to have a nice and safe experience with other people on the server? Well, all of these opportunities and even more are now presented to us by the Minecraft developer Mojang itself. Yeah, Mojang has now released an official Minecraft server list, and we’ll be diving deep into everything you should know about it.

Official Minecraft Server List Released

If you visit the official Minecraft server list website, you will see some of the servers already showcased on the home page. Though, you can also use the quick links or the search bar to view a ton more options.

Home page of the official Minecraft server list

Every server provides you with the essential information in its description. There, you will find the server details, who the server is for, exciting features it includes, server rules, server badges, and events. Server badges are accomplishments that the server earned. They are geared towards a safe environment and enjoyment for players of all ages. Servers also run events and short occasions that promote casual or competitive features with or without prizes.

One of the servers on the list

The amazing fact about the official Minecraft server list is that you’ll find servers for both Java and Bedrock editions easily here. Not only that but thanks to a carefully designed site pattern, you will find the server that you’ll love in a matter of minutes.

If you’re a server owner and would like to apply to join the list, you can do so for free, but meeting certain requirements is necessary. You will need to comply with the Minecraft usage guidelines, provide official contact information, and relevant info for the server’s description. In addition, there will be periodical check-ins to make sure the server list is up to date.

The official Minecraft server list will only continue to grow by adding more amazing servers and improving the system. If you’re looking to join a server, then don’t hesitate any longer and start browsing the endless server options. And don’t forget to visit us again and share what your favorite server is in the comments below.

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