I’m Glad Multiplayer Games Are Fun Again!

In Short
  • Modern multiplayer games felt stale for a long time, but Lethal Company, Palworld, and Helldivers 2 are shaking things up.
  • Lethal Company offers a breath of fresh air with clean UI, freedom, and simplicity.
  • Palworld excels at developer-community connection, while Helldivers 2 brings goofy fun back to shooters.

Even though traditional gaming started out as a singleplayer journey, multiplayer video games have risen through the ranks. This lets gamers not only socialize without ‘touching grass’ but also makes challenging experiences enjoyable. However, somewhere down the line, multiplayer games started to get stale for me. Maybe it was one too many trailers that seemed the same.

Thankfully, despite so much generic stuff out there, some games have started to change that perception back for me again. Thanks to the three games I am about to discuss, I feel modern multiplayer games are fun again. So, keep on reading to know these games and why I think so.

Lethal Company: Freedom and Simplicity

I feel most of the time, game developers overthink about their products. Be it RPG games with a bloated UI or MOBA games that keep adding unnecessary complications. Don’t get me wrong, I love the added difficulty and aspects but only if they feel natural. And while games like Super Meat Boy and Cuphead manage to do it well, proper difficulty in multiplayer games is a challenge.

Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League has bloated UI
Suicide Squad’s bloated UI

Along with the difficulty, the UI and the gameplay in a multiplayer game are also key aspects. Games like New World and Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League (review) are prime examples of too much on your screen. Not only do these games clutter the mind, but the gameplay feels weird and destroys their credibility as originals.

Thankfully, this age old concept was shattered with the arrival of Lethal Company. The game manages to create a gameplay loop that is simple yet fun. The concept is simple coupled with a neat UI. The game also ensures it doesn’t nag you to buy a battle pass or any other cosmetics.

Clean UI in Lethal Company

While a game like Phasmophobia is fun, I feel it lacks the freedom and proper communication required to deliver the proper experience. Lethal Company on the other hand delivers just the right amount of fun coupled with nuance. The indie game’s developer made people realize that a game doesn’t have to lock a gamer inside it to fully experience it and I love it for that.

Palworld: Community First Devs

We now move from simplicity in video games and talk about the developers themselves. More often than not game devs only focus on developing a product that will sell. It can be a brutally honest thing but that results in multiplayer games that neglect their community. One of the best examples. for me are games like Pokemon and Diablo that have been neglecting their devoted community for generations. That changed with Palworld.

Image Courtesy: The Pokemon Company

Before the game even came into early access, the devs took the community seriously. A game that was born on a ‘Pokemon with guns‘ meme, soon made sure the players do not get a half-cooked 100-dollar corporate duplicate.

Palworld already offers tons of fun multiplayer features inside it. Of course, the game is not perfect and it needs improvement. However, Pocketpair makes sure to continuously take notes and update the game to fix bugs or other issues. This indicates a sign that there are devs who think about what their community feels.

Image Courtesy: Pocketpair Inc.

Pocketpair also, immediately after the game launch, shared a roadmap of Palworld for the community. A team of developers actually appreciating their community is a part that has been missing for a while in multiplayer video games.

Devs in games like Apex Legends are also taking that route and focusing on community feedback more than on pumping cosmetics daily. Being that as it may, Palworld is yet another game that is slowly restoring my faith in video games!

Helldivers 2: Serious Combat, Lots of Jokes

It’s time to take the shooting route. Games like Apex Legends, Call of Duty, or even Valorant are meant to be competitive. Sadly that also means they do not focus much on the casual audience at all. While many will argue it is not a problem, these games should encourage fun, community-friendly game modes that can take away that sweat part for players who just want to enjoy the experience.

Image Courtesy: Bungie

Helldivers 2 (review) is the latest kid on the block that aims to change that. While not fully a PVP to compare with the ones above, the gameplay loop of Helldivers 2 is so much fun. Besides the full on chaos, the game injects a healthy amount of satire and comedy in the name of democracy!

I believe this is the exact reason Helldivers 2 excels where others fail. While shooters like Destiny 2 and Warframe are major players, taking things too seriously means they quickly get boring.

Shooting in Serious Sam was fun

Thankully, the alien smashing game took note of these problems and made sure you did not feel bored. The last I remember a game that made me feel this way was Serious Sam. It was goofy, chaotic and so much fun.

Helldivers 2 takes that same approach. The gameplay is chaotic, the post-fight sequences are hilarious, and does not miss out on any fun aspect of its promise. Helldivers 2 makes multiplayer shooter lovers enjoy the game while throwing insane challenges at them.

Image Courtesy: Arrowhead Game Studios

Even though 2024 has barely begun, games like these really make me hopeful. While games like Lethal Company take communication to the next level, Palworld is a true labor of love created by developers that care. Top that off with a wacky yet insanely fun game like Helldivers 2 and you have one hell (pun intended) of a combination. No wonder I feel multiplayer games are fun again.

Do you agree with my points? Which game made your multiplayer experience fun? Share in the comments below.

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