MSI Introduces New Titan, Stealth, and More Laptop Series in India

msi laptops launched

MSI has launched a slew of laptops as part of its Titan, Stealth, Raider, Vector, Pulse, Katana, Cyborg, Creator, and more series in India. The laptops come with the latest 13th Gen Intel chips and up to NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 series GPUs. Check out the details below.

MSI Titan GT, Raider GE, Vector GP Series

MSI has introduced the Titan GT77 HX 13VI/ 13VH, the Raider GE78 HX 13VI, the Raider GE78 HX 13VH, the Raider GE68 HX 13VG, and the Vector GP77 13VG laptops.

The MSI Titan GT and the Raider GE series come with the Intel 13th Gen i9-13980HX processor and up to GeForce RTX 4090 GPU. The laptops come with MSI OverBoost Ultra technology that pushes the components to their limit. This gives a combined processor and graphics output to 250W or supports 5.2GHz frequency across 8 P-cores depending on workload.

msi laptops overboost
Image Courtesy: MSI

The MSI Titan GT comes with the world’s first 4K/144Hz Mini LED display which features over 1000 local-dimming zones and 1000 nits of peak brightness. The Raider GE has a QHD+ 240Hz display with a 16:10 aspect ratio. The Raider GE series comes with a new chassis with an upgraded matrix light bar to provide even more aesthetic appeal.

The MSI Vector series comes with a low profile and minimalist new design but comes with performance improvements above to make them viable for a variety of uses. As above, the laptops come with support for the latest Intel 13th Gen processors combined with NVIDIA RTX 4000 series.

The MSI Titan GT series starts from Rs. 5,48,990 and goes all the way to Rs. 6,71,990. The Raider GE on the other hand begins from Rs. 3,35,990 for the RTX 4070 variant and touches Rs. 5,59,990 for the maxed-out model. Finally, the MSI Vector GP series comes with an i7, RTX 4070 variant and starts from Rs. 2,79,990.

MSI Creator Z Series

As for the new Creator Z laptops, there is a slew of new ones. There’s the Creator Z17 HX Studio A13VGT, the Creator Z16 HX Studio B13VFTO, the CreatorPro X17 HX A13VK, the CreatorPro Z17 HX Studio A13VKT, the CreatorPro Z16 HX Studio B13VKTO/ VJTO, and the CreatorPro M16 B13VJ/ VI.

MSI creator Z
Image Courtesy: MSI

The laptops come with a CNC chassis for durability. To cater to the creatives with a need for performance, the laptops come with the top 13th gen Intel HX series processors and come with NVIDIA-certified Studio drivers. To keep things cool, the MSI laptops come with Vapor Chamber Cooler. There is also support for the MSI Pen 2 which has the latest MPP2.6 Technology and supports 4096 pressure levels and haptic feedback.

The MSI Creator Z series laptops start from Rs. INR 2,79,990 for the Z16 model and go all the way to Rs. 4,47,990 for the top Z17 variant.

MSI Stealth Series

The Stealth series includes four models — the Stealth 17 A13VH/ A13VG, the Stealth 16 Studio A13VG/ A13VF, the Stealth 15 A13VF/ A13VE, and the Stealth 14 Studio A13VF/ A13VE.

Stealth series MSI laptops
Image Courtesy: MSI

MSI has expanded the Stealth range as the laptops now come in a variety of sizes including from 14, 15, 16, to 17-inch. You also have excellent screen performance with high refresh rate OLED displays and less than 0.2 ms response time. This includes the two new debuts the Stealth 14 and 16 Studio. Both models come with e magnesium-aluminum alloy body for a lightweight design.

For performance and good thermals, the MSI laptops come with the Vapor Chamber thermal design and the NVIDIA Max-Q suite of technologies. This helps optimize the system performance alongside battery life for peak efficiency.

The MSI Stealth series starts from Rs. 1,62,990 for the Stealth 15 laptop and has a maximum price of Rs. 4,92,990 for the big Stealth 17.

MSI Cyborg, Pulse, Katana, Sword, Prestige Series

Amid its plethora of gaming laptops, MSI has debuted the Cyborg series. The Cyborg laptops come with a futuristic translucent chassis design for gamers to see the internals. This true to its name is combined with a new cyberpunk-inspired design.

MSI Cyborg Series

The Pulse, and Katana laptops also get a refresh with the latest Intel and NVIDIA components. Furthermore, the refreshed laptops now come with a MUX Switch. This helps the laptop switch between Discrete and Integrated graphics for maximum graphical performance. This can be done using the company’s built-in MSI Center.

The MSI Prestige series consists of the Prestige 14 Evo B13M, the Prestige 13 Evo A13, the Prestige 16 A13VE, and the Prestige 16 Evo A13M. The laptops with the 13th Gen Intel Core i7 and up to RTX 4050 GPU. The lightweight laptops are backed by NVIDIA Studio technologies too.

MSI Prestige laptops

The new 13-inch Prestige 13 Evo is the lightest laptop in the whole MSI laptop series. It weighs just 990 grams and is made of magnesium aluminum alloy. The laptop comes with 75Whrs which the company claims which comes with 15 hours of battery life. The Modern series also comes with new color options including star blue and beige rose.

The new MSI Cyborg starts from Rs. 1,11,990 and goes to Rs. 1,41,990. The Pulse series begins at Rs. 1,90,990 while the MSI Katana starts at Rs. 1,54,990. The MSI Prestige Series starts from Rs. 1,34,990 for the 14 EVO and tops at Rs. 2,01,990 for the Prestige 16.

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