Minecraft Legends Gameplay Revealed with New Mobs, Weapons, and More

Minecraft Legends Gameplay Revealed with New Mobs, Weapons, and More

Minecraft Live 2022 is currently underway and gave a bunch of exciting new news for fans across the world. We got the result of Minecraft Mob Vote, upcoming features, and a lot more. But before all of that, the event revealed the gameplay for Minecraft Legends in all its glory. Let’s find out how Mojang is shaping up this upcoming action-strategy game.

Minecraft Legends Gameplay Details

At first glance, the world of Minecraft Legends looks just like the vanilla game’s overworld. It has the same Minecraft biomes and mostly similar mobs. But as soon as you start exploring the game, we get acquainted with its fresh and amazing gameplay mechanics. You begin your journey in the world’s center with a well-like structure. Then, you can move around the world, recruiting different mobs to fight the piglins.

In terms of UI, Minecraft Legends’ gameplay looks similar to the vanilla game. It features a health bar and an inventory table at the middle bottom part. Meanwhile, your mob count and inventory info can be found on the bottom left. Similarly, all your objectives and upgrades are located on the bottom right side. Lastly, just like the Vanilla game, Minecraft Legends doesn’t seem to have a dedicated map radar. Instead, you get an openable map that sits in the top-left corner of the screen.

To support your gameplay, Minecraft Legends provides you with a bunch of special weapons, including a Flame of Creation, a Banner of Courage, and the Lute. These weapons allow you to recruit mobs and even command them to do tasks in the world. Then, you only have to use your army of overworld mobs to fight and send the Piglins back to the Nether.

Moreover, the event also revealed a bunch of new mobs including:

  • Foresight Host
  • Knowledge Host
  • Action Host
  • Turtle
  • Pigs
  • Axolotls
  • Allay
  • Tiger

You can find out more about these and the other Minecraft Legends mobs in our linked guide. So, do you like the gameplay mechanics and the story being told through Minecraft Legends? Or were you expecting something else? Tell us in the comments below!

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