How to Make Minecraft in Infinite Craft

In Short
  • To make Minecraft in Infinite Craft, you first need the Sandbox and Diamond elements.
  • Sandbox requires you to combine elements up to Desert and Software, which ultimately becomes its final form.
  • Diamond requires you to create Gem, which you can combine with itself to make Minecraft.

As you probably know, Infinite Craft is an online browser game that allows you to combine different elements and get anything in the whole world! Besides creating different elements inside the game itself, many players even make games like Minecraft! Well, if you’re a Minecraft enthusiast and have thought of creating it within Infinite Craft, this one’s for you. So, with that, let’s begin!

Make Minecraft

In order to get “Minecraft,” you’ll first need to get two elements: Sandbox and Diamond. However, getting these elements is a process itself that requires some nifty combinations. Don’t worry and keep reading as I show you how to make Sandbox and Diamond in Minecraft easily.

How to Make Sandbox in Infinite Craft

Making Sandbox, while a bit tedious, is easy enough. Follow the combinations below to learn how to do so:

  • Earth + Wind -> Dust
  • Dust + Earth -> Planet
  • Planet + Planet -> Star
  • Fire + Star -> Sun
  • Fire + Sun -> Solar
  • Solar + Planet -> System
  • Fire + System -> Computer
  • Computer + System -> Software
  • Dust + Dust -> Sand
  • Sand + Sand -> Desert
  • Desert + Software -> Sandbox
Sandbox Infinite Craft

How to Make Diamond in Infinite Craft

It is now time for Sandbox. Follow the combinations below this time to make it:

  • Fire + Water -> Steam
  • Earth + Fire -> Lava
  • Earth + Lava -> Stone
  • Stone + Lava -> Obsidian
  • Steam + Obsidian -> Glass
  • Obsidian + Glass -> Mirror
  • Mirror + Mirror -> Kaleidoscope
  • Water + Stone -> Rock
  • Rock + Kaleidoscope -> Crystal
  • Crystal + Crystal -> Gem
  • Gem + Gem -> Diamond
Diamond Infinite Craft

How to Make Minecraft in Infinite Craft

After you’ve created Sandbox and Diamond, smash the two elements together to get Minecraft!

Making Minecraft out of Diamond and Sandbox in Infinite Craft

That’s how you can get Minecraft in Infinite Craft. We won’t be spoiling how you can make other elements related to Minecraft, so you can be creative and figure this out for yourself. If this guide was helpful, don’t forget to share it with your friends. Until next time, happy mining, crafting, and combining!

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