How to Make Face ID Work on iPhone While Wearing a Medical Mask

With the death toll breaching 7,100 mark globally and more than 181,000 people being affected by the virus around the world as of March 16, 2020, Coronavirus aka COVID-19 has kind of brought the entire world to a sort of standstill. And in this scenario, the only way we can fight back is by staying calm and fully equipping ourselves with things like medical mask and sanitizer to keep the pandemic at bay. That said, how do you make Face ID work on the iPhone while wearing a medical mask? Turns out, there is a simple yet effective technique to reset Face ID for masked mugs. Let me help you set it up!

Unlock iPhone with Face ID While Wearing a Medical Mask

Though you can set up Face ID using a piece of paper to unlock the iPhone while wearing a mask, I would recommend you to use an actual mask for a higher success rate. The reason why I suggest you do it is that the material in masks may be different from the fibers found in the sheet of paper.

Will it compromise your security? Yes, it will. But given how imperative it is to prevent COVID-19 from spreading, the trade-off would be worth it.

1. To get started, fold your medical mask in half and then cover that part of your face. Make sure to keep the mask as close to the face as possible. Also, ensure that it doesn’t have wrinkles.

2. While holding the folded mask on your face, head into the Settings app on your iPhone > Face ID & Passcode > Get Started and then set up the Face ID as usual.

Set up Face ID on iPhone

Just in case the face on the iPhone appears blocked, slowly reveal more face until the circular viewfinder kicks in.

Note:  If you had set up both primary and secondary Face IDs on your iPhone, you will need to first reset the Face ID. 

3. When the circle viewfinder shows up, keep the mask’s position intact. While maintaining the mask position, turn your head to complete the process. After you have set up the Face ID, remove the mask. Then, try to unlock your device using your face.

setting up face ID using mask

4. Finally, put on the mask on your face and try to unlock your iPhone again.

Voila! It’s fully set up now. Going forward, you don’t need to take off the mask when unlocking the iPhone.

Easily Unlock Your iPhone While Wearing Mask

So, that’s how you can make the Face ID work with your masked face. Now that you know how this hack works, share it with all of your friends so that they can also encounter the Coronavirus outbreak in a better way. Having already forced the tech titans to cancel their much-awaited events, the pandemic has compelled people to work from home. Hopefully, we will succeed in getting the better of this outbreak sooner than later.

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