This macOS App Lets You Easily Convert Videos to GIFs

There are times in our daily life when we come across an epic GIF opportunity, especially when watching TV shows. However, we tend to give up on making a GIF out of it as the process is usually complicated, time-consuming, and the results are often not as appealing as expected. Full stack developer Jonny Thaw probably had too many of these situations, which is when he saw the need for an application that could make the process of GIF creation much easier ,and developed Stacc.

Stacc is an application that can export high-quality GIFs from any video you might have on your Mac. Under the hood, the application makes use of FFMPEG with tweaks made by the developer to deliver the best possible output without compromising on quality.

The functionality of Stacc is not just limited to GIFs. You can even trim out a particular portion from a lengthy video into a short high-quality video. To get started, install Stacc on your Mac. Once you’ve installed the application, you will have to drag and drop the video from which you wish to make a short video or GIF to the app. The video will now appear within the app.

This macOS App Lets You Easily Convert Videos to GIFs

Stacc also allows you to tweak your output a little bit by offering width x height adjustments. Users can also control the frame rate of the output. It is worth noting that if you lower the frame rate too much, you will get a fast GIF that would be probably undesirable. We’d recommend keeping the frame rate around 15-25 fps which is a sweet spot for GIFs.

This macOS App Lets You Easily Convert Videos to GIFs

Here’s how Big Buck Bunny looks in our quick test with Stacc. Quite impressive, Isn’t it? Do keep in mind that the GIF might be a bit compressed as we have uploaded it here. The actual output on our PC looks crisper than the GIF uploaded below and has a size around 9 MB.

So, check out Stacc today to bring your on-point GIF game back on track and let us know your experience in the comments.

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