Lucid’s New Tool Lets Customers Customize Everything About Their Cars

Lucid air customizer feat.

Lucid, the California-based EV-makers, recently launched the 2021 “Lucid Air” in the market after keeping it as a prototype for quite some time. Along with the new EV, the company also made a new customizer on its website via which potential customers can design their car before pre-ordering.

The company added a new “configurator” for its cars on its official website following the unveiling of the “Lucid Air”. Their prototype car was kept as a concept for a long time. However, the company recently announced that it will bring its “Lucid Air” series of cars in 2021. And potential customers can design a 3D model of a “Lucid Air” of their choice using the company’s virtual-designing tool and view their model in VR at a Lucid dealership.

Using the tool, customers who are planning to get a “Lucid Air” can design a specific model of the car as per their preference. It is just like creating an avatar for a game, but you will be designing the car that you will get.

Design Your Car to See It in VR

So, after selecting the model of the car, you will get the options to manipulate the color, look, roof, wheels, and even the interior of the car. And when you change a feature, you will see the result on the car in real-time.

Apart from tweaking the various features, you can scroll up or down to zoom in or zoom out. Moreover, there are points on the car on which you can click to open the doors and the hood. You can even go inside the car to check out the interiors.

Lucid air customizer int.

Although the tool is quite well-designed, it is pretty laggy, as of now. However, it is expected to improve with time.

Now, after you design your Lucid car, you can save it to your profile. Then you can go to a Lucid showroom, 20 of which the company aims to open in the States, and experience it in VR.

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