Little Girl’s Presentation on “Pros of Getting a Cat” Left Everyone in Complete Awe

Girl makes PP on cats feat.

We all know that the internet goes crazy when it comes to funny babies, kids doing crazy things, and pets like cats and dogs. Now, you might call yourself the biggest cat lover on this planet. However, can you say that you love cats more than the little girl who created and sent an official PowerPoint presentation on the “pros of getting a cat” to her parents to convince them to get her a cat?

Well, as this situation here involves a kid and a cat, the internet has gone crazy about it. Originally shared by Christopher Doyle on Twitter (below) were four pictures of slides that his daughter made to make her parents get her a cat

According to one of her slides, her parents were to get her a hamster 5 years ago, which did not happen. So now, after 5 years of research on cats, she needs to get “a cat oh yeah yeah”!

Girl makes PP on cats 1

After the father took pictures of the slides and shared them on Twitter, netizens from around the world went poured in to suggest breeds of cats to get. On the other hand, some users really liked that the little girl took the way of professionalism to approach her parents with the topic. And honestly, the presentation is much better than any other “pros of getting a cat” presentation.

In fact, it is so much better than the others that even Microsoft thinks that it is “a very compelling presentation” and she has them convinced.

Moreover, it is a pretty important tip for kids who desperately wants their parents to get them a cute dog or a hamster. If the slides are this cute and end with a cute picture of a kitten with the phrase: “Thank you for watching and pls consider <3”, then I am sure no parent can reject that.

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