Who Is Gen Narumi in Kaiju No. 8? Powers and Abilities Explained

Kaiju No. 8 anime’s first season has reached its finale, and it ends by adapting the 38th chapter from the manga. Enthusiasts who have read the chapter are already excited to witness the screen debut of Gen Narumi, the strongest anti-Kaiju combatant in Japan. However, for anime-only fans who don’t know much about First Division’s seventh captain, the post will certainly help them get to know the character better.

Spoiler Warning: This article includes heavy spoilers for Gen Narumi’s characters, his powers and abilities. Please read the manga Kaiju No. 8 to avoid getting spoiled. You’ve been warned.

Who Is Gen Narumi in Kaiju No. 8?

Gen Narumi in Kaiju No. 8

Gen Narumi is a skilled combatant, the captain of the Defence Force’s First Division, and will play an important role in Kaiju No. 8 Season 2. Despite being a potent fighter with a serious demeanor, Narumi has a childish side that loves playing video games and just lazying about.

Well, sometimes, his immature personality makes him prioritize non-essential tasks over important work. His unprofessional behavior also makes him look silly, especially when he starts acting rudely to his mentor, Isao Shinomiya.

Besides that, Narumi is highly proficient in tackling Kaijus with his combating skills. In the entire universe, there are only a few beings who can actually beat the crap out of him. One such person is Isao Shinomiya, as he knows his weak points.

Gen Narumi is one of the best supporting characters in Kaiju No. 8, but the spin-off series titled Kaiju No. 8: B Side sees him as one of the main guys.

Gen Narumi’s Special Power Lies in His Eyes

Among all the members of the Defence Force, Gen Narumi has some remarkable powers, one of which is related to his red eyes. The suits and weapons for the Defence Force members are forged by the corpse of the Kaijus.

Gen Narumi gets his suit and spectacle crafted from Kaiju No. 1’s body and retina, respectively. His spectacles, called RT-0001, allow him to read the brain signals of the opponent and learn about their attacks before they unleash them. Of course, the spectacle is incredibly powerful, but it’s Gen Narumi who makes this suit a threat to Kaijus by using it to its full efficiency.

Gen Narumi’s Other Powers and Abilities

Unlike several other Defence Force members, Gen can unleash 98% of the power of his combat suit. The Captain can use this power to drop any enemy on their knees. Apart from that, Gen boasts immense speed, so much so that he is once able to outrun Kafka in his Kaiju form.

That’s not all, as the guy also boasts exceptionally high endurance and can withstand any attack that any enemy throws at him. His reflex allows him to dodge not all but most high-speed attacks from Kaijus.

Gen is obviously a fearsome character who masters every weapon that he holds. So, it’s no surprise that he has mastered Bayonet and doesn’t let any Kaiju escape when he’s holding that weapon. He first uses the weapon to damage a Kaiju and then makes use of the blade to slash through the beast’s body.

In short, Gen doesn’t give Kaiju enough time to heal itself or regenerate. If it’s Gen who’s fighting a Kaiju, then it’s dead for good. On top of that, his hold on Martial Arts is exceptional, and it’s always a treat seeing him going against powerful enemies. He’s a beast when we talk about swordsmanship and sharpshooting, which makes him a threat when fighting from long distances and close quarters.

Gen is undoubtedly an interesting character who will play a pivotal role in Kaiju No. 8. He has only arrived in the anime series, and we will get to see a lot of him in the upcoming season. If you’re an Attack on Titan fan, you’ll surely miss Levi when seeing Gen on screen.

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