Can’t Wait for Jurassic Park: Survival? Try This Fortnite Creative Map Now!

In Short
  • Dino Dread Island is a free Fortnite creative map based on horror themes of the Jurassic world.
  • You will experience top-tier cinematics, animations, and horror game-worthy sounds in this game.
  • Find weapons, upgrade them from vending machines, and survive through the Dino Dread Island facility.

No matter what happens, I will never be bored of horror games! As a seasoned veteran, I’ve dabbled across the most underrated horror games in their own meta genres. However, it also taught me that sometimes horror games don’t always have to have ghosts. That is why I was excited when Jurassic Park: Survival was teased at The Game Awards 2023. However, with no clear release date in sight, I wanted that thrill right now.

Well, in my search, I luckily stumbled upon Jurassic Park in the form of a Fortnite creative map. Titled “Dino Dread Island,” this spooky map absolutely blew my mind. This game gave me the same excitement as a full-fledged AAA horror title inside Fortnite; that too at zero cost. Intrigued? Keep reading as I tell you why I think you should try this Fortnite creative map, too.

Cinematics That Take You to Hollywood

When it comes to games within a game, it is generally assumed it will not be as good as a standalone game visually, right? Well, that’s not true with the Fortnite creative map Dread Island. Created by X (formerly Twitter) user @JSFILMZ0412, this map gives you just the right cinematic experience that feels closer to the unreal world of Jurassic Park.

Along with the cinematics, you get animations as close as a Resident Evil remaster game. And yeah, I don’t say that lightly. Furthermore, if you equip Leon from your Fortnite shop, you might end up feeling like you are in one.

Not only that, even the flashlight attached to your pistol in-game will give you the feeling of being in unfamiliar surroundings while leading you through tight tunnels. I still have a hard time believing this game is available for free within Fortnite.

On top of this big cinematic and graphical brilliance, I loved how the facial expressions work. This includes custom animations for your character and all the dinos in the game.

Beware of the Dinosaurs

If the actual trailer of Jurassic Park: Survival gave you chills, you will be pleased to know this map mirrors that decently well. The game is all about surviving these terrifying creatures who will react to every sound or action you make. The AI that runs the dinos is pretty good, and it feels as if they have real brains.

Although there is a pattern in their idle movement, once they detect you, it is game over for you. So if they see you, make sure to run as fast as you can. With each dino’s different types and custom set of strengths, the game will ensure you feel all the scares of hiding or fighting these beasts.

Jurassic World Ambience and All the Eggs

While running around for your life is always fun, there’s always time to stop and enjoy the spooky ambiance. After all, what is a chilling horror experience without the right environment and audio, right? That is exactly what you get in the Dino Dread Island.

With the right amount of silence and morbid noises, you get to experience goosebumps when you hear the dino footsteps. The environment is made so that you’re always on the lookout for unseen threats. I recommend you try the game on full stereo headphones.

The level design complements the audio, as you are always on the lookout for precious resources. This includes eggs that unlock the next level, useful weapons, and my favorite, the easter egg (10 mini dragon statues).

All these items are so well hidden in the environment that it will make you feel like you are crawling your way to survival. The environmental lighting also ensures you use your torch to look around. Yeah, the facility is obviously dark. That makes it perfect for a horror experience that is available for free.

Weapons, Combat & Vending Machines

Last but not least, my favorite thing about this game is how combat works. In a normal horror survival scenario, we often see different combat options. In games like Alan Wake 2 (review), you’ll get a torch, while in games like Outlast, we get a camera. While I love the former, I am not a big fan of being unarmed. Luckily, in Dino Dread Island, you do get enough weapons to shoot the creatures down.

However, the creator makes sure you don’t waste bullets and work hard, even to find the gun in the first place. If that can’t happen, put your trust in your knife. On top of the handguns, you can be an ultra detective and scavenge for coins. These coins let you use the vending machines to upgrade your weapons. So go ahead and upgrade away, but still be mindful of the ammo.

Although this is a creative map, you’ll have slower traversal than typical Fortnite-esque movement. Your jumping is also disabled in this mode. So, running away from dinosaurs will probably be the last option if they somehow notice you. If you ask me, I prefer stealth much more in this game.

These are the things that kept me playing Dino Dread Island for a good few hours, pulling me away from The Finals and LEGO Fortnite. Moreover, after sinking a few hours into this game, I’m having trouble sleeping, and it’s currently winter here. So, if you want to experience some horror without buying an AAA expensive game, try this Fortnite creative map now!

Dino Dread Island Code: 0033-5025-1748

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