Apple Announces iPadOS at WWDC 2019

ipad os launched

At WWDC 2019, Apple has taken iOS away from iPad, and given it its very own operating system name — iPadOS. The new OS brings a bunch of improvements and new features to the iPad.

Here are some of the interesting features in iPadOS:

Widget Pinning on Home Screen

iPadOS allows users to pin widgets straight on the home screen, and you’ll be able to simply swipe on the home screen to view your widgets without moving away from your home screen.

Improved Slide Over

Slide over has been improved as well, and you can now quickly swipe on the bottom bar in the slide over window, to quickly switch between recently used apps — just like on an iPhone with multi-tasking.

iPadOS also brings a host of new features including an improved Files app that now comes with a new column view, and also supports SD cards and thumb drives (finally!).

Also, users will now be able to directly import photos from a camera into the Files app, and even directly into Lightroom.

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