Apple Will Let Users Choose Bigger or More App Icons on the iPad Home Screen

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Apple recently released the fifth beta for its newly rebranded iPadOS, and with it, the company is bringing along an unannounced feature that might prove to be very handy for users who want some semblance of home-screen customisation on the powerful tablet.

As spotted by MacRumors, iPadOS now comes with a feature labelled ‘App Icon Size’ which lets users reduce the size of app icons on the home screen to fit more apps on a single page, or increase the size of app icons and fit fewer apps on a single page.

Technically speaking, this isn’t app icon resizing as much as it is adjusting the grid sizes for the home screen layout between 4×5 and 6×5 depending on the user’s preference.

While the feature is available in iPadOS, it is currently unknown if it will make its way to iOS 13 in the future — however, chances of that happening are pretty low. If that does happen, though, this will be another case of Apple taking a Jailbreak feature for the iPhone and bringing it to its official feature list in iOS.

Apple released iPadOS alongside new operating systems for the Mac and iPhone, at its annual developer conference WWDC‌ 2019 in June this year. The stable versions of these operating systems are expected to launch in the fall.

So, are you excited about using the brand new iPadOS on your iPad, and does this app-icon resizing feature look like something you’ll be interested in checking out for yourself?‌ Let us know in the comments.

VIA The Verge
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