Intel Unveils Smartest Building in the World

Intel PTK1-1

Intel unveiled its 11-story development center named PTK1 in Petach Tikva, Israel earlier this week. The tech giant claims that this 800,000-square-foot building accommodating 2,000 employees working in various fields like computing, communication, AI, and cybersecurity is the smartest building in the world.

One of the key factors setting PTK1 apart from other buildings is that it uses about 14,000 sensors powered by AI for performing and monitoring various tasks like controlling lighting, temperature, ventilation, parking, conference room availability, and much more.

“Intel’s new PTK1 building is all about the employee experience. Leveraging the smart platform created and its countless capabilities, the building automatically adapts itself and its systems to provide the ultimate work setting for our teams, stimulating teamwork, creativity and inspiration.”, says Yaniv Garty, vice president and general manager of Intel Israel.

According to Intel, this development center produces 50 to 100 terabytes of data every day. All these data are analyzed in real-time by Intel’s building management system with no human intervention. The “system-of-systems” of PTK1 has 970 APIs and 60,000 input fields.

The building is powered entirely by renewable sources of energy. Intel claims that the energy efficiency of PTK1 is 40% higher than that of a normal office building. In addition, the water systems in the building consume 75% less water than an ordinary building.

Other than these, Intel says that the PTK1 offers 2,700 ergonomic workstations, 143 meeting rooms, video rooms, and collaboration rooms, and 6 training rooms. Almost 500 displays and tablets are available across the building. Also, 50 3D cameras are located in the lobby.

So, do you think PTK1 is smart enough to be the smartest building in the world as Intel claims? Let us know in the comments.

SOURCE Intel Newsroom
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