Indians Prefer Video-First, Variety, and Vernacular Content: Report

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Over the past decade, India has witnessed a massive inflow in people having access to the internet. As a result, the usage of internet in the country has gone to levels never seen before. The internet consumption in the years to come would be video-focused, mobile-first with a priority on genuine and reputable content, according to a report from management consulting platform Zinnov.

Titled “The Future of Internet Content Consumption in India – Frictionless Consumer Experience for Mobile-only India and Bharat”, the report provides insights regarding the internet usage patterns of Indian consumers.

Zinnov conducted a consumer survey from over 500 smartphone users in India and has found out that 81% of people in tier-2 cities and 80% of people in tier-3 cities preferred mobile for media consumption.

About 36% of respondents preferred recommended content that appears on their feed rather than manually searching to find content to watch, which hints at how major brands have tweaked their algorithms to predict what people might find interesting based on their preferences.

As I mentioned earlier, video-based content has become the preferred form of content in India with over 68% of people preferring it over text-based content. Also, it has been found that over 70% of people prefer watching content in their regional languages over languages like English and Hindi.

“Strategic planning will be key for content platforms to evolve in tandem with mobile users’ changing preferences. Identifying the sweet spot between content quality and user scale, empowering personalization through AI, creating an intersection of content and commerce, all while ensuring ‘Frictionless Content Experience’ is what will determine the leaderboard in these content wars.”, said Praveen Bhadada, Partner & Global Head – Digital Transformation at Zinnov.

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