Huawei to Rival Google Maps with Its Own Maps Service Later This Year

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When we want to look for a landmark or get directions, the first name that pops into our heads is Google Maps. It’s the most feature-rich mapping platform out there, but the Chinese giant Huawei is now preparing to rival Google Maps with a mapping service of its own.

During its developer conference, Huawei not only showed off its new operating system – HarmonyOS and EMUI 10 update. It also talked about a variety of add-on services, like Account Kit, Location Kit, and Map Kit among others that it will provide to developers in coming months.

We will focus on Map Kit here, which could see Huawei build its own mapping service for developers to utilize in their apps. This would help them reduce reliance on Google Maps, which it wasn’t allowed to access when Google broke off ties with the Chinese giant after the U.S trade ban. It won’t be available to consumers out-of-the-box on Huawei phones.

Huawei hasn’t doled out many details about Map Kit, except for that they’re developing it with Russia’s Yandex and US travel platform Booking Holdings as partners. It will provide coverage over 150 countries and regions, be readily available in 40 languages, and serve real-time traffic information to developers.

Huawei plans to leverage its telecom network to complement satellite navigation, offering advanced navigation features, lane switching, and AR mapping support as well.

Yes, it seems like Huawei is taking matters into its hands and building out its own custom alternatives for everything to reduce dependence on others. It’s especially taking such a measure to prevent total lockout after another trade ban. Harmony OS is an excellent example of this strategy and Map Kit fits perfectly in the mold. The Chinese giant strives to be self-dependent and has already started building out services to form a “closed wall ecosystem” much like Apple. Do you agree? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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