iPhone how to cancel subs feat.

How to Monitor and Cancel Subscriptions on iPhone and iPad With Ease

iPhone how to cancel subs feat.

With so many new digital streaming services in the market, sometimes we tend to forget about a subscription for a service that we are not even using. However, as I am an iOS user, thankfully Apple makes organizing and maintaining subscriptions pretty simple with iOS 13. There are multiple ways to check and even cancel your active plans in your subscribed streaming services and apps. We already have an article on one of the ways to do it. In this one, I am gonna tell you about another way.

Now, the steps in this article will also work for the iPads and even for the iPod Touch models running the latest firmware update. So, without further ado, let’s get to the steps, shall we?

How to Organize and Cancel Subscriptions in iOS

Here’s how you can organize and cancel subscriptions on an iPhone.

  • Open “Settings”.
  • At the top, tap on your profile, which displays your name along with a profile picture (possibly a Memoji).
  • In the menu, find “Subscriptions” and tap it to open.

iPhone how to cancel subs 1

Note: If you do not find the “Subscriptions” menu, try turning on “Apps and iTunes Store” on your iCloud menu.

  • On this screen, you will find a list of your active and expired subscriptions.

iPhone how to cancel subs 2

  • You can tap any of the active ones to reveal the service plan that is currently active. You can also change your existing plan from here.

iPhone how to cancel subs 3

  • Below this section, you will find the “Cancel Subscription” button. Tap it to initiate the cancellation.
  • After confirmation, your subscription will be canceled.

iPhone how to cancel subs 4

Note: If you cancel any subscription service that has a specific time period on which it will end, then you will possess that subscription until the day it automatically expires.

So, this is another way to organize and cancel your subscriptions in iOS and iPadOS.

And I’d say, you should keep a tab on your subscriptions and monitor them at least once in two months to check whether you are paying for something that you do not use anymore.

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