How to Make AFK Fish Farm in Minecraft

When it comes to the collection of resources, most Minecraft players think about exploring, mining, and looting structures. But Minecraft also has a less popular and much easier way to collect food and enchanted items in the game – fishing. If you use fishing in Minecraft, you can collect dozens of useful items to last you through most parts of the game with ease. The only problem with this system is that you will need a lot of patience to fish in the game. Luckily, if you know how to make an AFK fish farm in Minecraft, all of this can be done without much effort. Sounds too good to be true? It’s not. So, let’s see how to make it happen!

Make AFK Fish Farm in Minecraft (2022)

We have covered two different designs of the Minecraft AFK fish farm in this guide. One is simpler and only gets you limited items, while the other can help you collect some rare and treasured items as well. Use the table below to explore the method that suits your playstyle.

Types of AFK Fish Farm in Minecraft

You can make two types of AFK fish farms in Minecraft:

  • One Block Farm: These fish farms are simple and only require a single source water block to function. You can use it to only collect experience orbs, fishes, and some common items.
  • Walled Farm: This version of the fish farm is slightly more complex to build. But it allows you to collect enchanted books, tools, and other items alongside fishes and experience orbs.

Items You Need to Make a Simple Fish Farm

You will need the following items to make a simple one block AFK fish farm in Minecraft:

  • One Iron Trapdoor
  • Two Chests
  • An Iron Pressure Plate
  • Bucket of Water
  • One Noteblock
  • A Hopper
  • A Fence
  • One Temporary Block (any)
  • A Fishing Rod

You can get all of these items easily in Minecraft by exploring a few villages for ingredients. But before using these items, it’s best to apply some Minecraft enchantments to your fishing rod to make it even more efficient. We suggest you apply Luck of the Sea III, Mending I, and Lure III enchantments.

How to Make a Simple AFK Fish Farm in Minecraft

The design for an AFK fish farm was first covered by the YouTuber Shulkercraft, but now it’s popular among the community. Follow these steps to easily make a simple AFK fish farm in Minecraft:

1. First, dig a four-blocks-wide hole in a straight line.

A four block hole in the ground

2. Then, place two chests in the hole next to each other. Doing so will spawn a large chest in their place.

3. Then, place a hopper next to the chest. This hopper should be connected to these chests.

4. After that, put a fence on top of the hopper and a pressure plate on top of that fence.

5. Then, empty a bucket of water on top of the hopper. The water will flow onto the last empty block.

6. Then, place a note block on the ground next to the waterlogged hole.

7. After placing the note block, put a temporary block on top of it and use it to put a trapdoor on top of the waterlogged hole. You can break the temporary block afterward.

How to Use the Simple AFK Fish Farm

To use the fishing farm, you first have to stand on the chests with your fishing road equipped. Then, aim at the trapdoor and hold down your right-click or secondary action key. Your character will start fishing and pull the rod back as soon as it collects an item. This collected item will get dropped into the hopper, and the character will go back to fishing.

Most console users have no option but to hold down or spam the secondary action key. But PC users can hold right-click and unplug their mouse. Doing so will force your system to spam the key on itself while you can get a truly AFK experience from the fish farm. You can also use some third-party key mapping tools for the same.

Items You Need to Make a Walled AFK Fish Farm

You need the following item to make a better version of the AFK fish farm in Minecraft:

  • Two Hoppers
  • Two Stone Pressure Plate
  • One Sticky Piston
  • Twenty-One Wool Blocks
  • A Chain
  • A Block of Soul Sand
  • Four Pieces of Redstone
  • A Sculk Sensor
  • A Repeater
  • Ten Building Blocks (Any)
  • A Sign
  • One Wall
  • One Iron Trapdoor
  • Sixty-One Blocks of Glass
  • Four Chests
  • Two Boats
  • Two Water Buckets

How to Make AFK Fish Farm for Treasure Loot

The credit for the design of this amazing fish farm exclusively goes to the YouTuber Rays Works. We suggest you build each section of this farm separately to avoid confusion.

Fish Farm Sensor Area

Follow these steps to make the Sculk sensor area for the AFK fish farm:

1. First, place two wool blocks and a sticky piston in a straight line. The piston should be facing up.

2. Then, put a building block on the side of the sticky piston and another one right next to it but one block higher. After that, put the Sculk sensor on top of the first wool block.

3. Once the base is ready, create four pillars around the Sculk sensor. These pillars should be four blocks tall. Once you are done, break the wool on the bottom of the pillar that is closer to the sticky piston. After that, place a wool block on top of the sticky piston. The final result should look like the following screenshot.

Automate the Sculk Sensor

Follow the steps below to connect Redstone to the Sculk sensor:

1. First, place an iron trapdoor on top of the wool pillar that is closer to the piston.

2. Then, leaving the opposite pillar as it is, put one more wool block on each side pillar and one on top of the trapdoor, but one block higher.

3. Once the pillars are ready, place a Redstone repeater on the block next to the sticky piston. Put the repeater at four ticks by moving its levers to the furthest ends using your secondary action key.

4. Finally, use building blocks to connect the trapdoor to the piston using Redstone dust. Here, the pattern should be exactly as in the following screenshot.

Infinite Water for Fish Farm

Before continuing to the next segment of the fish farm, you must learn how to get infinite water source blocks in Minecraft. Without them, you won’t be able to fish using this design. Practically, unless you are close to an ocean, it will take you a long time to collect and transport water. So, you should know how to make an infinite water source. Here’s how to go about it:

1. First, dig a small 2 x 2 square in the ground. It should only be one block deep.

2. Then, empty a water bucket in one corner of this hole. You will get flowing water.

3. Then, empty another bucket of water in the opposite corner. The water will stop flowing, and you will get four source water blocks.

4. Once the setup is complete, you can take water from this hole an infinite number of times. All the water blocks will remain source blocks, and you will never run out of them.

Make the Fishing Area

Follow these steps to make the fishing area for the AFK fish farm in Minecraft:

1. First, place a stone pressure plate on top of the pillar opposite the one with a trapdoor.

2. Next, put four glass blocks next to the same pillar, creating a pathway of sorts.

3. Then, place a soul sand block in the empty hole between all the wool pillars.

4. After that, create a small glass platform above the wool pillars, leaving an empty area above the pathway and the hole.

5. After creating the glass platform, place two trapdoors on top of the pathway, leaving the hole in the middle empty. Your structure will look like this:

6. Then, place a sign behind the trapdoor. This will prevent accidental water leakage and give you something to aim for while fishing.

Make a Fish Tank in Minecraft

Follow these steps to make the fish tank for the AFK fish farm in Minecraft:

1. First, create a two-block tall glass boundary around the glass platform.

2. Once the glass area is ready, it’s time to fill it with water. Begin with the gap right above the soul sand block and slowly fill the whole glass chamber with water. Every water block must be a source block (from the infinite water source) for the farm to work properly.

You can also add Axolotls and fish to the water platform to make it appear more lively. But that’s only when you are done building the core functionalities of the fish farm. The movement from these creatures can mess up your system by triggering the Sculk sensor.

Item Collection System for AFK Fish Farm

Once everything else is ready, you need to set up a system to collect the treasure items from the AFK fish farm in Minecraft.

1. First, create a two-blocks long hall opening in any glass boundary right above the trapdoor.

2. At its end, place a hopper and connect it to a large chest (place two connected chests next to each other) right outside the glass box. Make sure that the water is flowing onto the hopper and isn’t a source block.

3. Finally, make a similar item collection hallway on another wall of the boundary. Doing so will make sure that no item is left behind, even accidentally.

Boat Trick to Restrict Bubbles in Fish Farm

At this point, your fish farm is ready and usable. But, because of Minecraft’s mechanics, it is prone to a default error. Whenever the bubbles from the soul sand block reach the surface, they can accidentally trigger the Sculk sensor. If that happens, your character will retract the fishing rod, even if it hasn’t caught anything. To fix this, you have to restrict the bubbles with the help of boats. Here’s how.

1. First, go to any side of the water tank and replace a glass block with a chain and another one with a pressure plate. You will have to place a supporting block to put the chain in place.

2. Then, place a boat on the top of the glass block next to the chain.

3. After that, place a wall on top of the water, a few blocks ahead of the boat. After that, break the glass block beneath the boat. You will get a boat floating on the chain.

4. Then, enter the boat and push it into the wall.

5. Once the boat is in position, place a glass block on the opposite side of the wall. Use this block to place another glass block on top of the boat. You might have to place a temporary block before that.

6. Then, put a second boat on top of the wall. After that, break the wall and push this boat into the floating piece of glass.

7. Finally, break the glass blocks. You will be left with two boats floating into each other. The one right above the bubbles must be blocking them from getting out of the water.

How Does AFK Fish Farm for Treasured Items Work

With that, you are now ready to use this AFK fish farm in Minecraft to automatically collect treasure loot. You simply need to stand on the pressure plate beneath the trapdoors. Then, with a fishing rod equipped, you have to aim at the sign and spam the right-click or secondary action key. If possible, you can unplug your controller or mouse to make the movement truly AFK.

The fishing rod, thanks to the bubbles, will be pushed upwards while the boats will keep it in water. Whenever something will get attached to the rod, it will make a vibration that the Sculk sensor can detect. This detection will lead the Sculk sensor to trigger the iron trapdoor and make the item disconnect from the rod. Finally, the disconnected item will float into the collection system where you can pick it up later.

Which AFK Fish Farm Will You Make in Minecraft?

Minecraft has always promoted fishing as a dedication-filled activity that takes a frustratingly long time to fully utilize. But now, with two of the best AFK fish farm designs at your disposal, you can exploit the waters of Minecraft to gather all the resources you need. Though, unlike many other farms, this one isn’t great for collecting XP. So, if you want to collect experience alongside good loot, then an Enderman farm in Minecraft might be a better idea. But you should only do it on some of the best Minecraft 1.19 speed-running seeds to avoid the painstaking travel process. Having said that, which of the two fish farms are you going to make? Tell us in the comments below!

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